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Kayla was only in her underwear ,oversized Cavs t-shirt that her boyfriend had left behind the last time he slept over and her glasses. She sat in bed reading her paper work when her phone vibrated. She quickly grabbed it from where it was lying and unlocked it only to find this text :

Baby: You know I love you right and when I see you I'm gonna tear that pussy up.

She giggled to herself thinking about how sweet yet ridiculous Kyrie could be, he was her boyfriend of about 10 months.

Me: Yeah I know,you never let me forget it and I love you too. N I can't wait to see what you'll do to me. Shouldn't you be asleep though,you got a game tomorrow. ;)

She continued with her paperwork waiting patiently for Kyrie's response. Before she knew it her phone vibrated again.

Yip but I couldn't sleep without reminding you that I love you. Speaking of which, you coming to the game tomorrow!?

She quickly checked her diary on her phone only to find that she had a meeting a little late the next day. Deciding whether to go or not became a major decision which she had to come to rather quickly. She measured up the pros and cons and decided that this was a major game for Kyrie that she couldn't miss.

Yes of course I'll be there baby but I might be late, cause of ya know meetings and such. Um could you please reserve parking for me.

Considering that her and Kyrie had been together for a while ,she had gone to many games so getting tickets and parking wasn't that difficult. She went back to her work and began falling asleep a little until she was woken up by her phone ringing. The caller ID was :


Kayla quickly answered the phone when you saw that it was her best friend Stephen Curry.
"Hey Stephen!"she answered cheerfully.
"Wassup Kayla!? Just wanted to know if you were ya know... busy tomorrow. We got a game and it would be tight if you could come through." Stephen said sweetly.
"Uhm yeah! Uh I was coming anyway cause you know Kyrie is gonna be playing."she said
"Okay great! As long as you're there." He said.
"Absolutely! I'll be there for my Cavs but that don't mean I can't cheer for my bro right!"she said
"Alright then. Imma catch you later ayt!" Stephen said.

The next day

Kayla's day went by rather quickly, she had meeting after meeting but she didn't mind because she loved what she did.

"I really like what you have to say Ms Thompson and I'd love to sign the deal as soon as possible." Her associate said.
"If we can finalise the merger first then it can be a done deal." She replied before shaking his hand and rushing off to her car so she could change and get to the game on time.

At the game

Kayla's POV:
I managed to get my car parked quick enough due to my reserved parking. I checked my watch only to find that there were two minutes left till tip off. I jogged to where the courtside seats were, I shuffled and squeezed through till I found my seat close to the Cavs bench.

The game began and it was a close match up. I was watching the game and being a huge Cavs fan I couldn't shut my mouth! I caught Kyrie's eye during the game and gave him a cute smile and I blew him a kiss which only made him blush a little.

Steph and Ky were going head to head and I have to say they were playing some great basketball. I would constantly cheer for my team but at times I found myself freaking out about Stephen's amazing plays.

"The current MVP hasn't been himself lately but he's definitely getting his groove back. It's Curry with the 3 pointer from down town and it's GOOOOOD!"

Amongst the few Warriors fans I was screaming and cheering my head off only to find Kyrie giving me a hurt yet pissed off stare. I brushed it off and continued to watch the game, the Cavs were ahead by 10 points and I was more than ecstatic. The final seconds were ticing down and Cleveland was up 5 points soon the game was over and my baby and his team had won the 2nd game of the series.

Stephen was about to go for his post game interviews when he spotted me and quickly jogged to where I was sitting.
"Hey! You look beautiful! ' he said before giving me a hug.
"Thanks Steph! You played a great game tonight." I said hugging him back while closing my eyes.
I opened my eyes only to see Kyrie staring at me then storming off. I felt so bad that I had to say my goodbyes to Stephen and rush to the locker room and see if Ky was okay.

I got to the locker room and waited where the wives and girlfriends hang out while they wait for the guys. I waited and waited till finally Kyrie came out, luckily today he didn't have to do the whole press conference thing.
"Hey baby." I said
"Sup." Kyrie replied bluntly
"You played really well babe oh and uhm I asked Jada to take my car to her place so I guess we could have a few post game activities huh..." I flirtatiously said.
"I don't think tonight's a good time I'm really tired and I don't really feel like being around people ya know." He said sounding a little offish. We walked in an awkward silence till we got to Kyrie's Audi A8, and we entered the car in the same manner. We drove for about 10 minutes in silence till I decided to break the ice.
"Kyrie are you mad at me about something cause that death stare you gave left me feeling a lil confused but whatever it is I'm sorry! You happy now!?" I said trying to sound empathetic but ending up sounding a bitchy.
"Yeah I'm happy that my girlfriend goes around cheering for some other guy's team while I'm right there." He said sarcastically.
I chose to shut up the rest of the car ride because I was close to boiling point and I didn't wanna kill him.
We finally arrived at his condo which was closer to the arena than his official house. He opened the door as if he was prepared to get away from me as soon as possible but I wouldn't let that happen.
"Why are you being so damn childish Kyrie!? Damn I was just trying to support a friend! I was just having a little freaking fun for goodness sake!" I yelled.
"Look I don't really wanna..."
You don't wanna what Kyrie!?Grow some fucking balls" I interrupted him.
"Kayla do wanna explain to me why you would come to a game as my girlfriend, cheer for the other team then go flirt with Stephen Curry huh? You think it doesn't bother me when the girl I love is cheating on me with Steph fucking Curry? Huh Kayla!?" He said while his voice was breaking a little. He really sounded hurt and I shed a few tears before running after Kyrie who had gone up the stairs before I could respond.

"Baby! Kyrie!" I yelled looking for him,only to find him in bed with his iPad on his lap and his glasses on.
"Kyrie, I'd never cheat on you. I love you." I said but he did not respond or even look up from his iPad.
"Baby there's no way I'd ever do anything like that, something that dumb. I'd never wanna lose you or this relationship. What I did today was very stupid,inconsiderate and I feel really bad about it. Stephen is my best friend and that's it, I just got excited because I haven't seen him in a while that's it. It'll never happen again." I said hoping for a response this time.
"Like hell it won't happen again. Com'ere baby." Kyrie said motioning me to sit on his d...

I was really relieved to see that things were back to normal but I must say I do like it when he gets jealous, shows that he still cares.

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