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"Baby!! Kyriiieee!" I yelled at my boyfriend of 5 years.
"I'm coming! What's going on babe!?" He asked panicking after sprinting frantically.
"Have you seen my gold earing!? The one with the Chinese details on it." I tried explaining but all Ky did was stare at me with a reilieved yet annoyed look on his face.
"That's why you were screaming like you were about to die?" he half yelled, half laughed.
" You know how much I love those and now I can't wear them because one of them is missing!" I whined.
"I'm sorry babe, I know that those are irreplaceable but you really need to find other earings to wear otherwise we're gonna miss the whole party." Kyrie explained. I looked at him giving him a hint that he should leave, which he did leaving me alone. In my walk in closet I had to choose an outfit with the perfect subtle accessories to wear to LeBron and Savannah's pool party.

Finally after an hour and a half I had the exact outfit I wanted to wear, something simple yet fashionable and sexy. I walked out the closet, into our room and went down stairs to find Kyrie on the phone. "No, I'll definitely see you soon Adriana. We really need to discuss what we're gonna do about the um, the... aaaah...situation." kyrie said suspiciously. I walked into the room, only to give him a slight scare. "Hey babe. You startled me there. You ready!?" he said.
"Um yeah,whatever." I said with a slight attitude due to what I thought I just heard. My boyfriend, best friend and companion might be cheating on me with his teammate's girlfriend.

The whole car ride to the James residence was long,quiet and awkward. I couldn't help but replay those words and try to find a reason why they wouldn't be so suspicious, once we arrived I had managed to build up the aggression inside. Kyrie put out his hand in anticipation of me putting my hand in his but that didn't happen, instead I gave him a death stare and kept walking.

"Nelz!" my friend Savannah James screamed as she walked towards me to give me a hug. "Darling!" I said in an attempt to hide the frustration. "Somethings not right with you. What's going on babes. Tell me." Savannah asked genuinely worried. I told her the whole story and reasons why I would think he might be guilty of cheating.
The guys played pool basketball with the kids while us ladies chilled by the garden lounge, had wine and spoke. I managed to vent and get Sav and the other girls' opinion.
"I really feel like..." I was interrupted by the sight of Adriana walking in ,hand in hand with J.R Smith, her boyfriend. She came and greeted everyone including me. Out of all the girls Adriana WAS my best friend, I didn't even hug her back or answer any of her questions. While she spoke to the other girls and caught up I just walked away because I couldn't deal with her presence that's when she spoke out and said : "What is your issue huh!?" I continued to walk until she yelled: "Yes you Anela! You've done nothing but give me attitude all night!"
That just set me off and I yelled at her holding back the urge to attack he and rip her face off. "You are nothing but a whore so how can you expect me to give you anything but attitude when you're sleeping with my boyfriend!? Huh!?" That's when I lost it, ran towards her with full force and we began to fight causing a scene in front of everyone. Kyrie came rushing towards us and managed to pull us apart. Immediately he took the car keys, quickly apologised to everyone and dragged me to the car. If I thought the car ride to the party was bad, this was horrible. We finally got home, I got out of the car and slammed the door behind me. I was mad as hell and all I wanted to do was get away from Kyrie, before I could get as far as I wanted to be he stopped me by grabbing me at the waist. I expected him to apologise but instead he caught me off guard when he yelled. "What the hell was that all about huh Anela. Why would you do that to your best friend and embarrass me and yourself I front of people I respect so much. Wha..."
"I wouldn't have to if you weren't cheating on me!!" I screamed stopping from going any further.

Kyrie's POV:

"No, I'll definitely see you soon Adriana. We really need to discuss what we're gonna do about the um, the... aaaah...situation." I said before Anela walked into the room interrupting my conversation with Ana about a surprise party for J.R. Adriana asked me not to tell anyone and knowing how close J.R and my baby Nelz had become she could spoil the surprise so I didn't want to tell her anything in case.

The whole of the time we were at the party Anela was acting really weird and I wondered what was up with her. That's until I saw her fist fighting Adriana on the floor.

The ride home was confusing and the most difficult part was trying to understand why Nela would think I was cheating on her, with her fucking best friend of all people.

Back to Anela's POV

He just stood the giving me a confused look before crashing into the couch and covering his face with his hands.
"What is this about Anela?" he questioned.
"How am I supposed to know when you were the one on the phone talking to Adriana about fucking 'situations'!? " I asked with tears now forming in my eyes and a lump in my throat.
"Baby,I would never do that to you and you know that. Why would you assume I'd hurt you in the most spiteful way. You're my life. I'd never waste 5 years of our lives for 5 minutes of fun babe and you know that. You're all that matters in my life, my world, my queen.".Those words caused the lump in my throat to become a huge sob. Kyrie took my hand and we went to the bedroom where he explained everything to me. Which made me feel like a huge idiot. I need to apologise to my best friend and get her back I thought.

After reflecting briefly I realised what the problem was.
"Kyrie, is this real or are you just playing games with me?"I asked creating a shocked look on his face.
"I thought we went through this..." he said.
"We did but I want all the bullshit out the door tell me something. Why haven't you proposed to me or shown me that you want to be with me forever?"I enquired.
"Baby I ... you know that you mean everything to me and I ... I was gonna do it but my nerves got in the way and I just couldn't get myself to...Will you marry me?"he muttered.

I couldn't think of any words to put together so I just crawled onto his lap from my side of the couch. Soon our lips came crashing together. He took my shirt off and soon my bikini top which I never managed to take off. I pulled up his t-shirt from over his head exposing his tattoos. I kissed his skin as he caressed my breasts.
Some how I ended up lying on my back with Ky on top of me. I felt his hot breath on my skin making the walls of my entrance soaking wet from desire. As if on cue Kyrie took off my bikini bottoms, parted my legs and he began to pleasure me with his warm talented tongue. "Mmmh... ahhh... woaaah..." I moaned. I decided to get off the couch, take Kyrie's pants off and return the favor. He tilted his head back in pleasure and put his big hand on my head. He gently pushed me into his hard, large member making his bite his lips. I swirled my tongue over his tip taking him over the edge. Before I knew it, Kyrie lifted me up and tossed me on the bed and thrust into me. My toes curled,my back arched.I took a fistful of the sheets on my side as I enjoyed the passion between us. I felt his hardness enter me in slower thrusts making me bite my lips trying to prevent another moan from escaping my mouth. In and out and soon my walls tightened around his large member making him cum. We lay in the sheets with my head on his chest as I drifted off to sleep.

A few months later.

"Kyrie baby I'll see you later, I need to meet up with the wedding planner and go fory doctors appointment." I said as Kyrie watched the highlights of his last game against the Warriors.
"You okay Nelz!? Why are you going to the doctors!?"he asked half concentrating. I sat on his lap facing him hoping that,that will get his attention. "Hello...Ky...Baby.." he ignored me as I attempted to tell my story. I decided to leave.
When I got back from the a long day I found Ky in the kitchen making my favourite food.
"Heeeey!" Kyrie said cheerfully.
"How was your day? Any news!?" he asked on the same note. "Not much really, I just need to eat more,rest more often, I might need leave in a while and bigger clothes." I said.
"Oh,is that it?" Ky asked not getting the hint. "Kyrie Irving you are terrible at getting hints" I laughed.
"I'm pregnant you idiot!" I said laughing. Kyrie looked at me in awe for a few seconds before crashing his lips into mine and lifting me up.

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