Meeting the parents (part 1) - @IzaniqueJordan

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The pungent aroma of delectable cuisine filled the air of the Irving residence. The kitchen counters were covered in all sorts of ingredients and cooking utensils, it was clear that something major was going on. Deajinae was preparing a meal, in fact that would be an understatement, she was in the process of making a feast. This was not the usual scenario in the Irving home as Deajinae was a very busy career woman who usually left the cooking to her and her boyfriend's personal chef.

Deajinae strutted around the kitchen like a whizz making it all look like organised chaos. She was chopping here and frying there and dicing there and whipping there. It was incredible what this woman could do. "Hey babe! Damn you looking FINE in that apron and them shorts" Kyrie her boyfriend of over 2 years said as he stepped into the huge kitchen. "Hi Ky" Deajinae said ignoring everything else Kyrie said and focusing on her work in the kitchen. Kyrie noticed this brief greeting he received from his girlfriend and ignored her obvious sign to show him that she was busy and he decided to walk towards her,grabbing her by the waist from behind as she wiped one of the granite table tops. She couldn't help but close her eyes and indulge in the warm embrace she was receiving from Kyrie and his big,strong yet gentle arms. Kyrie went on to kiss her on the neck and she could only lick her lips and enjoy the feeling of his full lips caressing the skin of her neck. "Mmmmhhh babe ... I should...I need to finish this" Deajinae said still enjoying the moment but slowly regaining her focus.

She was whipping up this feast for the most nerve racking night ever, she was meeting Kyrie's parents for the first time. Although Kyrie's mom passed away when he was quite young, his step mom has become the mother figure in his life and she meant a lot to him and Deajinae knew that she HAD to impress her. Cooking the food would be the easy part but being introduced and getting his parents to like her might be a bit harder but only time would tell. "Uhm babe my parents said they'll be here at 19:00 and with my dad 19:00 definitely means 19:00. Think you'll be ready by then?" Kyrie asked opening the fridge looking for a cool beverage. "Probably" she answered with a bit of anxiety seeping through her voice. "Baby don't worry! They love you, especially cause I love you" Kyrie said aoothingly trying to calm Deajinae's nerves.

"I hope you're right Ky. But what if they don't? What if they hate me! There's no way I can compete with your parents, they're your PARENTS for goodness sake" she said with so much fear and nervousness in voice and written all over her face. Time seemed to fly as the doorbell rang and that could only mean one thing. Deajinae was about to have dinner with the people that helped mould the man that she knows and has grown to love. This dinner could make or break her relationship. As she prepared the table and heard Kyrie open the door to greet his parents, she could swear she felt a bead of sweat drop down her forehead.

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