Locker room assistance-@Ada2016

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"Welcome to Oracle Arena here in Cleveland,Ohio. Tonight is the opening game of the 2015-2016 season and tonight is a pretty big night judging from the filled up arena" Austin Carr said as the Cleveland Cavaliers team did their drills and warm ups. The atmosphere in the building was electric not only because of the fans and the anticipation but also because of the chemistry between Nancy and the basketball player named Kyrie Irving.

Nancy's POV
I watched from the trainers' seats right behind the teams' as the Cleveland Cavaliers were about to take on the Los Angeles Clippers. I just got a transfer from Houston so this was my first game on duty as a trainer for the Cavs,who are my favourite team if I might add.

The game began and the whole team was on fire they were shooting shot after shot but I couldn't help but notice that Kyrie kept looking at me or at least in my direction. But I ignored it, it's probably all just in my head but even if he was looking at me I can't say I minded because after all the man is fiiiine.

"Prrrrr" my thoughts were disturbed by the sound of the whistle and I zoned back in noticing that someone was down on the court, that's when I realised it was Kyrie I quickly ran towards the incident to see how I could be of assistance. The senior trainer and I checked him out and decided it would be best if we took him to the locker room.

"It looks like a mild foot sprain" the senior trainer said "Do you think I could leave you alone to sort him out Nancy?" he asked me. "Yes of course sir". "Alright I'll leave you in the capable hands of Miss Nancy here Kyrie"

Kyrie's POV

One minute I was playing great then the next I got knocked down in an attempt to draw a foul,I'm not really complaining now that I see who the athletic trainer that's gonna be helping me out is. "Why don't you lie down here." she said. She was about 5'0 tall, she had an amazing beautiful face, I'd say she looked Haitan. She had the most sexy physique I'd seen in a while ,oh who am I fucking kidding, the best body by far, she was curvy but also fit, just how I like it.

"Uhm Kyrie were you staring at my ass?" she asked half smirking, half serious. It was time to do my magic. "And what if I was?" I asked slickly. "Well then I'd have to punish you." the beauty said. "In what way huh? She ignored my attempt to flirt back " Oh and uhm Nancy you got a man?" I asked hoping she'd say no. "What's that to you?" she asked sort of shutting me down. "Well I was thinking after a few minutes I could make you moan... uh I mean mine" I said.

Nancy's POV
"I won't be the one moaning." I said sharply as I saw his eyes darken with lust. "How about we get down to it then. I'm thinking you might have the exact thing to stop the pain." he said licking his lips which I couldn't help but stare at and he noticed and definitely liked it."I don't think that's appropriate" I said coming back to reality. "At this point I really don't care what's appropriate" he half yelled. He was sitting on the bed and I was standing in between his legs. That's when he grabbed my hand forcing me to get closer to him. That's when our lips locked. It was more than passionate and hot. I felt butterflies in the pit of my stomach as he stood up and put me on the clinic bed.

Slowly he began to take off my shirt revealing my bra. He looked up at me after kissing me from my neck all the way to my stomach and said with a deep musky tone to his voice "I'm about to show you what's inappropriate.". This made me so wet in between my thighs. I took of his number 2 jersey to reveal his sexy abs and chest tattoos. His eyes went down to my lower half where he took off my uniform pants. Showing my black lace panties. "This is the underwear you wear to work? Rather inappropriate I might say" he said cheekily. Soon after I felt his warm tongue slide in between my lips making me release a soft moan which became louder as his tongue wrestled with my clit making my toes curl. I was in heaven till he stopped, leaving me yearning for more.

I made him sit down and took off his basketball shorts then putting his large member in my hands, slowly I put it in my mouth making him grab the back of my head and gently tug my hair. I went faster and faster and stopped just before he climaxed. Soon after he stood up and pinned me against the wall lifting me up. He quickly thrust into me making me moan. "Kyrieeee" I seductively moaned as he continued to hungrily thrust in and out of me as he attacked my lips. We were close to reaching our climaxes, in and out, in and out, making me feel like I was in a parallel universe. Soon I let out the largest moan as I reached my optimum level of satisfaction. Soon after I was tight around his member he released himself inside of me."Aaaah you're so tight" he said as I felt his warm juices explode inside of me.

"Well I can definitely say this is the best injury I've ever had." Kyrie said satisfied from our little encounter. "I'm glad to have been of assistance." I said still a little out of breath from our locker room activities. "Why didn't we get trainers like you earlier on?" Kyrie laughed. "Who knows but I'm here now" I said. "As long as everybody else doesn't get the same injury treatment that I get then I'm happy." he said. "Of course not." I said bluntly. "In that case why don't we make this kinda thing happen more oft..." Kyrie was disturbed by the sound of the door knocking. "Is everything going okay in there Miss Nancy? the senior trainer yelled from the other side of the door. "Just fine!" I yelled nervously.

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