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Lucifer has many companies

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Lucifer has many companies.

I discovered this after he showed me all of them.

There's fifteen.

Some are nightclubs. Some are restaurants. Some are bars. Some are import and export companies. Some I can't name because he wouldn't tell me.

He just said, "There's one,"

"Ooh! What's that one?"

And then he'd give me a sly little look, but he'd never tell me. And I wouldn't ask again, because he would start showing me the others close by.

Lucifer was a very, very rich man.

I already knew that Google though. They said he's the second richest man in London, but they couldn't name the first. They said he's the most violent man though, and I didn't tell him I knew that.

"Pick something, sweetheart,"

I groaned, but blushed bright red at the nickname. We have been standing at the ice cream isle for a while now, and I couldn't choose between Rocky Road and Hazelnut.

"No! I can't. You choose,"

He looked at me blankly, "I don't eat ice cream,"

I stared back at him, and after a moment of us staring at each other, he gave up and took the Rocky Road.

He put it in the trolley, and made his way down the isle. Whilst I stayed rooted to my spot, the only thing I was able to do was stare him down.

Today, he wore a white button down and black slacks only. The shirt was unbuttoned twice from his neck down, and his leather belt glinted in the fluorescent grocery store lights.

His hair wascombed back neatly, soft curls adorning his head. His sharp jaw had a shadow of a beard, and his sharp nose flared as he turned back to me and tired his head.

"Keep up, bunny."

I waddled towards him, and when I reached him, he put a hand behind my back, and ushered me closer to him.

I walked next to him as he checked out the wines, "Grocery stores used to make me really anxious when I was little,"

He faced me, curious, "Why?" he questioned me, giving me his full attention. It made me nervous; the way he dropped what he was doing so quick to listen to me talk.

"Uh, I think it was the lights and all the people,"

"Do you still get anxious?"

I caught his gaze, and shook my head, "Not really. The lights are rally bright though,"

And he stopped, and said, "I can come back, darling,"

I quickly stopped, and took his arm, "No! No, it's okay. Really. It doesn't bother me anymore! It's just... the lights are really bright and they kinda hurt my eyes,"

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