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A black, heavy cloud hung low above the man's bowed head, the skin between his eyebrows tight with concentration, and frustration.

His large hand gripped the pen gently yet he wrote on the white lined paper aggressively, as if he was mad at it.

On the paper, his throat tight, he wrote:

"My name is Lucifer Saint Rossi, and today, I'm going to kill a man.

And if you're reading this letter, that means I'm already dead. If so, burn this letter after you have read it..."

"My family has no relation to any of my business projects — I am solely responsible for everything, and will find my punishment with God.

The man I have killed is Politician Ronald Jones, for he ordered an obstruction in my business, and he payed with blood."

"I slit his throat and cleaned my knife on his suit, and burned his house to the ground."

"And just like his house, I am burning."

"Yours honestly, Lucifer Rossi."

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Oh my God, HELLOOOO????

yes. this is the resurrection.

W*ttpad removed old Lucifer. Yes, we're all very sad. But now there's so much room for improvement. And trust me, improve is the only thing it will do.

This book is the first book in The Black Hand Brotherhood, which originally was The Brothers of God.

Original Lucifer will always have a special place in my heart. It was the book I was proudest of, and I worked my ass off to get it to 1M.

I hope you can show the same amount of love for CAPITANO.


also, please don't comment very nasty things in my comments. cussing is fine to an extent, but don't describe in detail how you'd m*rder a character, how bad you want to f*ck a character, etc.

I would greatly appreciate if W*ttpad didn't remove this book too.

thank you in advance kids.

x X x


This book will have the following: gore, sexual activity, some drug use, abuse and sexual violence. Disclaimers will be put before every chapter containing any of these.

— Lucifer and Daisy-Lee have an age gap of 10 years. (19,29)

— Lucifer and Daisy-Lee have a dom/brat relationship, and the name Daddy is used frequently as is other pet names (bunny, baby, sweetheart, love, darling)

— Lucifer is quite different in this book. I've done a lot of research on how to write dark and brooding characters. Lucifer is a VIOLENT MAN. he does things your boyfriend won't do. & you'll love him for it.

— Daisy-Lee is different too. She is stronger. Smarter. her character has genuinely grown up so much since the first book.

— We kill people in this book. Don't like it? Don't read it!

have fun reading Capitano!

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