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I woke up due to the bright sun touching my face through the opened curtains

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I woke up due to the bright sun touching my face through the opened curtains. At first, fear grappled at my throat. I didn't recognize the room I was in.

I thought I had been kidnapped from that alleyway.

But after a second, everything dawned on me and regret replaced the fear.

God, I had been so stupid to go to the bookstore last night. I should just gone to Jane's. Then Maria wouldn't have been so worried, nor Mr Rossi. Now I'm being an inconvenience to him, and now he probably feels like he has to take care of me.

Tears blurred my vision but I tried my hardest to blink them away, and when I finally succeeded, I sniffed and struggled to sit up in the warm, comfortable bed.

My side didn't hurt as much anymore, and I probably had the painkillers to thank for that. I touched my hair, embarrassed by the mess on me head.

A moment later, there was knocking at the door.

A greying woman I didn't recognize came in slowly, smiling. "Good morning, Ms Jones. My name is Eveline. I trust you slept well?"

I nodded, "Hi, Eveline! I did, how did you sleep?"

She laughed softly, "Quite well, thank you. Mr Rossi told me to come up and check on you, and tell you that if you're ready, you're to be downstairs for breakfast,"

I sat up further at the mention of him, and softly cleared my throat, "O-Okay, thank you."

"I've left some clothes for you in the bathroom. Come, child. Let me help you,"

Before I could protest, she had pulled the covers off my body, and was already taking my hands. Ever so carefully, she helped me off the bed. She carried all of my weight on her as I seethe through my teeth, limping towards the en suite door.

She opened it, and helped me inside. She turned the tap on, and the bath started filling with water.

"If you need anything, Miss, please do ask me. I'm here to assist you today, okay?"

I frowned. I had never experienced someone like her. So... nice. I nodded my head, "Okay. Thank you, Eveline. Really,"

She smiled, "Are you fine on your own?"

I nodded, "I think so!"

She gave me an envouring nod before she stepped out of the room, and shut the door behind her. I help onto the white sink for help, and avoided looking in the mirror.

The bathroom was the size of my bedroom back home.

I undid the hospital gown, and dropped it to the floor. I finally found the courage to look in the mirror, and my heart shattered once I saw my wounds.

The cut on my cheek was already bruising, and my feet ached as I stood.

But my side; it looked horrendous. Blue and purple and green mixed together to create a terrible, horrible colour.

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