Chronicles of Han Storm, Book 1, Part 1, Chapter 3 & 4

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Revised edition: Part 1, Chapter 3

*** Three ***

    "Bloody Hell! What did you do to my Rogue?!" Jack shouted from the passage, waking me to a groggy state.

Now how did he get in?

I could swear I had locked the door. Well, maybe not in my intoxicated state.

"Now just hold on!" I cautioned as he lunged into the bedroom. "What are you talking about?"

"There is blood all over the front and the light is broken. Did you kill anyone last night?" he accused.

"Just a sick cat!" I defended myself. "I put it out of its misery," I added, the unsavoury memories returning in stark clarity.

"A cat! You hit a cat with my Rogue! How could you?" Jack kept on ranting.

"You were passed out and I had to drive," I countered. "I am not used to alcohol. Just remember that."

Jack calmed down. "Okay, but I do not have insurance. Are you going to pay for repairs?"

"I will commit to pay half. I am aware that repairs to sports-vehicles are expensive, but if you had been drinking responsibly, your vehicle would still be in a roadworthy condition."

Not elaborating further on his irresponsible behaviour, he subtly changed the subject.

"I know now why you stay here. It is nice and quiet. You have a wonderful, clear view of New Haven. I can even see the ships in the harbour. There is my parent's house up on Maine, just behind the airport."

By the time he stopped staring out of the window I was up and dressed.

"I will take your offer," he continued. "I will run the Rogue by a repair shop on the way home and get back to you on a price. That okay?"

"Perfect," I agreed, sealing the deal.

"Now, did you want some breakfast? I was thinking of having some fat bacon and oozing boiled eggs," I asked, watching for the expected reaction.

Jack's face turned ashen under his dark skin, prompting him to stand up hastily. "No, thank you. I have to be off. The parents want their children home before dark and all that."

Laughing at his discomfort, I saw him to my apartment door.

With a last "Drive safe," extended to his departing back, I made sure the door was locked before starting on the pleasurable act of creating a proper breakfast for myself.

Not planning on going out again, I loafed around, reading adventure novels and watching home movies.

I still could not receive reception from the local broadcasters. This problem had started about a month before I went to the academy.

All the equipment had been tested, but there was nothing wrong with it. The repair person said it might be some disturbance in the building as the neighbours had also been complaining about this.

First Day came too fast. My best sleeping period was between 05h00 and 07h00. Now I had to be at work by 07h00. It was going to kill me!

Taking the EW1 Highway, I made great time and reached the Mountain Drive off-ramp twenty minutes later. The Precinct was situated near the docks.

We had been advised to park at the back of the building in the allocated parking bays. I found mine easily enough, with Stacey stopping next to me as I exited my Commoner.

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