Chronicles of Han Storm, Book 1, Part 2, Chapter 11

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Chronicles of Han Storm, Book 1, Part 2, Chapter 11

*** Eleven ***

    I dreamt that I was standing in front of an oval gate.

    The gate was situated in an odd place. It was in the middle of a desert and led to no-where.

    There was a raised platform near the gate.

    I walked over to the platform to inspect if from up close.

    It looked like a sundial with figures and numbers engraved around the edges.

    I lay down on this platform next to the dial and closed my eyes. I knew I was dreaming. I knew I was going to sleep in my dream.

    It was so weird.

    I dreamt a dream in my dream.

    I dreamt of numbers and figures spinning and combining to make three rows of numbers and letters combined.

    The sequences kept on changing and I could not pin any one down long enough to follow it.

    I was drenched in sweat in my dream and woke myself up from this nightmare. I woke up from my dream’s dream and returned to the platform near the gate.

    I sat up and stared at the gate that now had a solid interior and I could no longer see through it.

    I stood up from the platform and walked right around the gate, inspecting it from top to bottom.

    There was this cold-looking substance inside the gate, blocking entry to where-ever, stirring knowledge at the back of my mind.

Was this a physical portal? A transportation device to step from one place to another? A DOOR to another ‘place’?

    I returned to the platform.

    This could be an address dial. If I could set the dial, I could go places.

    How very exciting!

    My eternal curiosity would finally be satisfied.

    I tried the dial, but my hand went right through it.

    I tried again.

    The platform was a hologram and I could not touch it, yet a moment ago I had dreamt I had a dream on it.

    I dreamt!

    This was still a bizarre dream, yet it felt so real.

    Who could tell, even my visions seemed real to me.

    This instance I knew for sure that my body was asleep in an aircraft over some very nasty looking mountains.

    I returned to the gate.

    The substance in the middle started shimmering like water in a gentle pond. It was not entirely flat, but not wavy either.

    It drew me to it like a magnet. I reached out with my right hand and touched it with my fingertips.

    The substance stuck to my fingers.

    I pulled back.

    It came with.

    The goo started creeping over my hand, gripping me securely in its icy clasp.

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