Chronicles of Han Storm, Book 1, Part 1, Chapter 9 (end of Part 1)

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Chronicles of Han Storm, Book 1, Part 1, Chapter 9 (end of Part 1)

*** Nine ***

I woke to the familiar sound of Tucker’s voice.

No, that was not Tucker.

Tucker had passed on in my arms.

It was Racewater’s voice.

Racewater and Panam.

I expanded my hearing to follow the conversation.

“Han’s just lost Tucker“ Panam was saying. “The psychics at the facility all had people helping them. The bond became exceptionally strong between the two people and I have only once came across another psychic who lost his handler. He was useless to himself and everybody else. They sent him away for a while and eventually paired him with another person. As far as I know, his services are still being used.”

“You are suggesting that we find someone to replace Tucker?” Racewater queried.

“Not someone he does not know. That will make the process too long, and as I understand, you want him back in the field as soon as possible. No. It will have to be you.”

Racewater sounded doubtful.

“Me? I have very little knowledge on how to help Storm. I would never be able to do what Tucker did.”

“You mean you do not want to baby sit, yet, you want Han to operate at full capacity when you need him.

Just think about it. Tucker died in Han’s arms. Han was covered with Tucker’s blood when you found them. And we both know what his speciality is.

He probably experienced Tucker’s death as if it was his own.

If he is not strong enough, and you do not give him a good enough reason to continue, he might give up and be lost to all of us.

As I see it, you are the most qualified person to take Tucker’s place. You have been with them more than anyone else and you are the only one that has seen Han in action.

You have a background in psychic behaviour and your Clan has a history of psychics.

You are the logical choice.”

“I can see your side of the argument“ Racewater countered, “but it means that I would have to give up my life. Everything I know will change. I am not sure I can make that commitment.”

Panam, as young as he was, was becoming angry with an obstinate Racewater.

“You are only thinking of yourself. You expect everyone else to work around the clock to bring justice to all, yet you now want to complain that your life will change because Han gave his whole life to us.

Han places his life in danger every time he goes away. He goes above and beyond duty. He eats, drinks, sleeps, dreams the job.

You have no right being here if you do not want to sacrifice your puny life alongside that man. Please, just leave.”

It was a final ultimatum.

I heard Racewater’s chair scrape and his footsteps retreating to the door.

The door closed quietly.

“Darn!” Panam whispered to himself.

Hearing him cominging down the passage, I closed my eyes and deepened my breathing.

He settled in the chair and whispered softly to me “He will come around. I am sure he will realize that he is the only one that would be able to help you. I told myself I was not going to get involved, but here I am. Protecting and helping you.

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