Chronicles of Han Storm, Book 1, Part 1, Chapter 9 & 10

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Preserving Creata Revised Edition: Part 1 Chapter 9

*** Nine ***

I woke up with a raw, dry throat and a hell of a headache.

Something had woken me.

I was not sure what.

I lay there listening, battling to open my eyes.

It was quiet.

Too quiet.

Willing an eye open, daylight spilt over me, filtering through an opening in the curtain.

When did I leave it open?


Yesterday seemed a very long time away.

It was still extremely quiet.

It was day, so should I not at least hear some birds?

Tucker stormed into the room, moving his mouth, yet I could not hear a word.

Frowning uncomprehendingly at him, I wondered what he was doing here in the first place?

He placed a cool hand on my forehead; leaving me to go to the bathroom; returning with a glass of water.

"Here, Han, stay with me. There, take a sip," he encouraged assisting me to take a sip. "That is it. Now another," he couched.

The burning, dry sensation eased. Hearing returned as if through a tunnel.

"You are quite hot. It would be best we cool you down," he encouraged, helping out of the bed, steadying me to stand.

Yes, I felt hot and a cool shower would probably help.

Taking slow steps, Tucker assisted me to the shower.

I felt as weak as a baby and was unable to undress myself, so Tucker had to help.

Seeming unhindered by my nakedness he made me stand under the water, adjusting the temperature to be comfortably cool.

Starting to faint, I sat down instead, allowing the water to cool my body. It seemed to wash some of the fatigue away as well, enabling me to try and analyze the problem.

"I think I overdid it yesterday," I told Tucker, my head not ringing any longer. "And I did not have dinner either," I croaked as an afterthought, my throat dry from the bit of talking.

"I became worried when you did not answer your comm device, or your door," he told me, concern written on his wrinkled old face. It certainly looked as if he had lost more hair since yesterday too.

"I think I will be okay to get ready now. Would you be able to make coffee for us?" I smiled confidently up at him, easing his concerns.

"I will see to that coffee," Tucker returned the smile. "Oh, and by the way, your door was unlocked," he added before leaving me in peace to ponder the new saga in my life.

What had happened last night?

I remember slamming the door behind me, so it should have locked.

I remember falling into, or rather, onto my bed.

What then?



Spirit plane?

I think so.

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