Chronicles of Han Storm, Book 1, Part 3, Chapter 22

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Preserving Creata

Chronicles of Han Storm - Book 1

Part 3


Han Starts working with his abilities, confirms his destiny and comes face to face with his previous life on Creata.

*** Twenty-two ***

We carefully walked to the origin of the light at the end of the tunnel.

Hearing voices, we looked at Hamish.

"Desert people" he warned. "We must be very quiet and very careful. They will show us no mercy if they find us here."

The tunnel led us to a wide cavern. Glow-globes were everywhere, lighting the whole place. It was obviously lived in by many people from the beginning of time, resembling a town.

As far as the eye could see, the cavern walls were covered with what looked like separate cave entrances. Ladders led up to these and people were clambering up and down, just getting on with their business.

Our position was precarious. Between us and the entrance to the cave was a whole colony of wild Desert People.

Our position looked hopeless. We backed up into the tunnel.

"There is no way we will pass through there unnoticed. Any suggestions?" Hamish whispered, glaring at me, the person responsible for plunging us into this mess.

Fate chose for us.

A small catlike animal was entering the cave inquisitively. It came up to us with gleaming fluorescent green eyes. Sniffing the air, it opened its mouth and uttered a scream that ripped through our bodies, and through my psychic senses, leaving me dazed and disoriented.

People stormed into the cave. My colleagues raised their hands in surrender.

I pushed the hands away that were shoving at me.

I caught Panam's eye for a second. He was scared out of his wits.

Someone was going through my pockets, taking my crystal.

I tried getting it back.

A fist made contact with my stomach.

All the air went out of me.

As the bile slipped up my throat, I swallowed hard, struggling to breathe.

*Take small gasps. Talk to them.*

Sensaii was welcome in my head.

I did as he advised, starting to get some physical control back. I was not making it easy for the people dragging me after my friends.

We were manhandled to an open area in the middle of the indoor cave-city. People were shouting to each other. Orders were given. I did not understand.

We were held in a line. Someone was coming from the other side of the cavern. It looked like a leader of some sort.

He stopped in front of Hamish and asked a question. Hamish shook his head in the negative. They did not understand each other.

Our belongings were placed in front of this man on the ground. He took Hamish's firearm and placed it in his belt, pocketing the extra clips. He also pocketed Racewater's knife and pen.

He looked at Hamish's security card and laughed. He knew who he had here. He shouted something at the watching crowd. A cheer went up.

He asked Hamish the same question as previous. Again Hamish indicated that he did not understand.

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