Chronicles of Han Storm, Book 1, Part 3, Chapter 21

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Preserving Creata

Chronicles of Han Storm - Book 1

Part 3


Han Starts working with his abilities, confirms his destiny and comes face to face with his previous life on Creata.

*** Twenty-one ***

I tried not to be too sullen on the aircraft, keeping mainly to myself and declining the food and drink Panam brought me.

I just needed some time to myself to sort through the downloaded information.

Racewater requested everyone to avoid me until I wanted to make contact again. This brought me welcome relief from unwanted attention and I settled into a comfortable position from where I could work.

I brought up the words, hoping that the answers would flow forth.

Entity. An individual spirit experiencing its own memories, emotions and feelings.

Spirit/ Soul. The pinprick of light that is really yourself, without a body attached, with all its memories, emotions and feelings of all its physical and non-physical lives intact.

Astral body. The substance an entity presents when travelling outside a body, but still being connected to it with a strong particle path.

Astral Travel. The journey an entity can undertake when leaving the body behind, but still being connected to it. You can travel wherever your level of training allows you to. You can view everything on your planet, or on other planets.

You can go to the lower astral dimensions where negative entities reside.

You can go to the higher astral dimensions where you can visit the Recording Halls, either for your residing Planet or for individual entities.

Or you could be trained or receive even more information that you might want or need. I, personally, call these sessions 'Downloads '.

You could also visit higher dimensions and go home for a while to rest or plan something else to do on the planet your body resides on.

Particle/Energy path. Everything leaves an imprint in the Cosmos. These particles are useful in finding your way around.

Ghost/ Passed over Spirit. The spirit of an entity no longer connected to a body. Generally not yet left for the home dimension or visiting for a specific purpose. Usually presenting themselves in a form recognizable to the person they wish to visit.

Body. The electromagnetic matter that ultimately becomes a total receptor of psychic energies and can also be used to project psychic energies.

Psychic. A person sensitive to and aware of forces not recognized as within the natural laws of their physical world.

Energy Points on the body. The body has various energy points that need to work together, in harmony, in order for the body to function at optimum potential. Also referred to as Chakras by some Clans.

Guides, Spirit helpers, Guardians. Entities trained to assist one or more spirits that are connected to the physical planes with bodies. These helpers might have had physical lives before, or none whatsoever.

Matter. Thought is the highest vibration. Thought expands into the vibratory frequency called light. Light's vibration is then further slowed down to become electrum. Electrum's vibration is further slowed down to become Gross Matter. Gross Matter is further slowed down to become solid. Electrum can be manipulated to form everything physical. Thus Matter is Light, slowed in vibratory frequency and taken to its densest form.

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