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The Chronicles of Han Storm. Adventure Science Fiction Fantasy Books and eBooks enhanced with metaphysical undertones, a good dash of romance and a sprinkle of horror!

"Creata used to be my home planet. Having reached her limit of 9 billion people, our Planetary Government was looking for ways of sustaining such huge numbers. A reluctant pioneer, they turned me into a tool to be used for their ultimate goal of leaving their planet. I am Han and these are my stories . . . " - Han Storm


"If you love Avatar, The Matrix, Dune or Stargate, these books are a must have.

I have read 100's of books, covering all spectrums, but never have I been this captivated. The Chronicles of Han is the story of a young peace officer that has psychic powers, who is then tasked in regaining lost knowledge of science and inter stellar travel to save a planet abused by over exploitation, and in the process expands his gifts.

The book, characters and storyline starts off undemanding and uncomplicated. As the story unfolds, the characters as well as the storyline matures, dragging the reader into the tale, causing you to feel and experience with Han. On occasion I found myself reluctantly having to put down the book so as to put a damper on my emotions, be it sadness or anger. As I progressed with the book I finally figured out why I would become so emotionally involved. It dawned on me that this book reflects a bit of each of us, causing you to identify either with a character or a situation.

As you get more involved with the tale, loads of questions pop up, just to be answered directly or by inference, causing you to think "but I knew that!".

The down side of the book is that I now find most of my previous books dull and slow-moving."

R. Gibson, Editor/moderator of Chronicles of Han Storm

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Preserving Creata (Book 1- Part 1 to 7) ISBN 978-0-9921928-0-8 (Paperback) 

Preserving Creata (Book 1- Part 1 to 7)ISBN 978-0-9921928-1-5 (eBook)

978-1-928471-00-4 Chronicles of Han: Preserving Creata: Part 1 Paperback

978-1-928471-01-1 Chronicles of Han: Preserving Creata: Part 1 ebook

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