Feb. 4, 2013 He's going where?

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You probably all thought I had no girlfriends, huh?  I haven't mentioned any of them because I haven't had a chance to meet up with them since Max and I got back together.  In my defense, I don't have much free time.  Between work, family obligations (and with all the Reids having homes on this cul-de-sac, there's a stream of family functions), and Max - there's hardly time to sleep.  But tonight, my girlfriends and I were putting on our LBDs and celebrating. 

Growing up, I had three best friends.  The four of us did everything together.  Becky and I knew each other from birth because our dads were friends since med school.  Evie and Ashley, I met in kindergarten.  We all went to the same K-12 school, and then the four of us went up north to undergrad.  Though we went to three different colleges up there, we remained the best of friends.  Even now, with Becky in Chicago, Ashley in Texas, and Evie in San Diego, we try to meet for holidays and special occasions.  Tonight was a special occasion!  Ashley got engaged on New Year's Day, and she and her fiancé were in town for their engagement party.  They'd had one already in Texas with his family, but Ash's mom insisted she have another one here as well.  Tonight, the four of us were getting a little pre-engagement party going before the formal affair in a few days.

"Girlfriend, I'm the one engaged, but you're the one who looks smokin' hot!"  Ashley and the girls oohed and aahed over my dress, that wasn't my dress.

"Where'd you get that dress?  And where, may I ask, did those tall, white, patent leather boots come from?  I need a pair of those.  Al would go berserk if I showed up to bed in a dominatrix outfit and those boots."

"Eew‼!  None of us needs the visual, and definitely not a play-by-play of your nighttime romp, Becky.  Let's keep the domestic affairs, domestic."  Evie, the I'm-going-to-stay-a-virgin-till-I-get-married, was the one we made fun of most.  She had the least experience with men and none of us thinks she'll get married before 40.

"Nothing I have on tonight, except for my g-string, belongs to me.  The dress and boots belong to Emily.  My brother bought them for her in the Chanel shop in Paris a couple of years ago.  She's pregnant again and says she feels a bit scandalous wearing thigh-high boots while carrying a baby."

"She's pregnant again?"  All three ladies called out simultaneously.  "What about the twins?  Are they even a year old yet?"

"They'll be one in April.  They are all sickeningly beautiful and in love with one another.  They are the picture of happiness."

"You think Emily will let me borrow those boots?"  Becky asked.

"Don't know.  Ask her yourself."

"So...what's going on with you and Max?  You are back together?"

"Yeah, Ash.  We're back together and this time for good, I think.  I don't know how you and Becky finally realize a guy is the one for you.  We are always arguing about the stupidest things.  There's never a peaceful week with us."

"Maybe it's you...not Max."  Evie butted in.  "You're a bit on the argumentative side.  And that's great if you're trying a case, but not the best thing when you're talking to your boyfriend.”  Now, how did a girl who's never really had a boyfriend understand my relationship so well?

"I don't know...I really like him and I think he really likes me too, but...in any case, all is going well as we speak.  I think he's out with some friends, but he said he'll stop by to pick me up at the end of the night so he can meet you all.  Of course, he'll be at the engagement party, too."

The night progressed with the four of us gabbing mainly about Ash and her fiancé, Jared.  Ash brought pictures of her wedding dress, as well as pictures of our bridesmaid dresses.  We had all promised one another when we were younger that we'd pick out knock-out bridesmaid dresses.  Becky picked out stunning evening gowns when she got married, and Ash picked out cute summery ones for her wedding.  None of us complained. 

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