Dec. 5, 2012 A Harley Man?

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I looked out my window as a loud roar of pipes rolled up the driveway.  Max pulled up in a sleek new motorcycle.  At least I thought it was new.  I hadn’t seen Max in about eight months so I couldn’t be sure when he got the bike.

Max was so not the Harley type of guy.  He was the straight-laced, straight-A, straight-shooting type.  'The boy next door,' sister-in-law, Emily, described him.  Those monikers, as well as Max’s ex-girlfriend, and my new sister, Emily, were the reasons why we took a break for a while.

I stared at the good-looking, brown-haired, brown-eyed guy.  With more ease than I preferred, he gave Emily a hug and a kiss.

“Max!  What a wonderful surprise.  What are you doing here…and so early in the morning?”  Emily greeted.

“Hi Em.  I see motherhood agrees with you.  You look beautiful even at this early hour.”  Really???  Did he always need to find her so enchanting?

“Hey!”  Of course, where Emily was, my brother wasn’t far behind.  “Get your hands and lips off my wife!” he demanded.

“Lighten up, Dr. Reid.  I was just saying hello to my beautiful ex-girlfriend.”

“Must you always bring up the fact that you and my wife once dated?”

“We didn’t just once date; we were together twice the length of time you and she have been together.”

The irritation in Jake’s eyes was cracking me up.  He was so easily riled.  Though, the conversation outside was making me feel a little snarky, myself.   Relax…my new mantra, as we were going to try again.  I needed to get over my “hang-ups” as Max called them.

“Cut it out, both of you,” Emily warned while giving her husband a loving embrace.  “Good morning.”  Now she was only addressing Jake.  “I brought the kids out so they wouldn’t wake you.  You got in so late last night from the hospital.”

“It was lonely in bed without you,” Jake announced loudly, so the whole neighborhood could hear.  “I wanted to be out here with my family.”  My brother’s voice got louder with each word, but not as loud as his twin son and daughter – Elizabeth and James.

“Da! Da! Da!”  The twins screeched.  The four of them made a gorgeous family and the smile on Max’s face warmed my heart.  For a change, he didn’t look like he was still in love with Emily, but instead, he looked like he was in love with the idea of a happy family.

Time to make my grand entrance!

“Hey,” I greeted.

“Hey…”  His voice was soft as he locked eyes with me.  Had he thought about me in the past eight months?  Had he missed me?  Had he been dating around?  Would we be able to make it work this time?

“Is this what you meant when you said you wanted to go for a ride?”

“I thought we’d ride up the coast for a while?”

“Okay, I guess…”  What would happen today?  Things had ended so abruptly between us.  One day we were, then the next day we weren’t.

“I can’t wait to spend the day with you.  I’ve been looking forward to it all week.”


He somehow heard the Doubting Thomas question in my head.

“Hey.”  He gently tugged my chin up with this thumb and forefinger.  “I guess you haven’t missed me as much as I’ve missed you?  Can we try this again and see where it takes us?”

Twenty+ words was all it took to melt away the bitterness of the past year and make me want to start again.  I smiled.  Pushover!  Yeah…pushed-over and falling again.  I was such a LOSER.

“Don’t let go of another good one!”  My brother sarcastically yelled as Max tried to muffle his words with the roar of the bike.

“Hold on tight!”

Ominous and yet very promising words…

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