Jan. 24, 2013 Donovan and Who???

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"Should we go watch a movie, then have a late dinner?"  Max was off for a few days before his next semester began, so he called me at the office more than usual.

"You gonna fall asleep on me again?"

"How long am I going to pay for that?"

"Until my ego is pieced back together!  Did you notice any ofmy effort?"

"You know I did.  I tried to show you how much I noticed, but you stopped me mid-demonstration."

"Sure.  Blame it on the girl who wanted to rush out to meet her grandmother for breakfast - especially when we were already more than twenty-minutes late!  I don't think you even took a good look at the nightie.  Did you even appreciate it?" 

"Since I doubt that nightie was purchased with me in mind, I don't know how to answer that question.  And for the 100th time, I'm sorry.  I told you I hadn't slept much days prior, and if it wasn't for your wayward ways, I wouldn't have flown up and wasted valuable study time."

"Did you just tell me you wasted your time?"

"You know what I meant.  Should I put you on the spot and ask why there was an indecent negligee in your possession when you had no idea I was coming up?"

"For your info, I bought that about a year ago when we were supposed to spend a weekend up north.  But instead, we got into an argument and didn't see each other again till about a month ago.  So there!"

"Well...then I guess it's my bad again, huh?  Are we going to a movie tonight or do you want to get off the phone and not see each other again for a while?"

Jerk!  UGH!  I hate it when he corners me.  This was reason #1 why I ended our relationship the first time.  I never had the upper hand.  He was somehow always right.  Even when he was wrong, and we both knew he was wrong, he was right.  When did I become the submissive woman?

"Alright.  A movie it is."  I pouted on the phone.  "Pick me up from home?" 

"Ok.  See you soon, my precious gem."

"Yeah, Sleepyhead.  See you soon."

A few days ago, we wrapped up our deal with the Mitchell Group, and I flew home with Gram and Gimpy.  They fought off Emily's insistence and chose to stay at my parents' place, arguing that Emily needed rest and privacy during her first trimester.  Because she's been sick so much, we've had the twins over every day, and Gimpy and Gram are in LOVE not only with each other but with the twins as well.

"Good afternoon, Sir, Gram."  Max greeted.

"Good to see you again, Monsieur Le Duc."  Gram teased.  "Where are you and my granddaughter off to tonight?"

"Just a movie and dinner.  I should have her home before midnight."

"You can keep her if you like.  She's way too old to be living at home.  Why at her age, I think I was already pregnant with my third child."

"Gram, are you trying to get rid of me?"

"Obviously, someone's going to have to try.  You're too comfortable here.

"Aaah!"  My niece belched out her enthusiasm while bouncing on Gram's lap.  We needed to get out of here before she attached herself to my boyfriend...again.

She kept up the screaming and arm flailing, ready to jump regardless of Max's intention to catch her.  Max didn't keep her waiting long.

"Elizabeth!"  He hugged and kissed her as though she were his own child.  To be fair, he put her in his left arm and took James into his right arm.  It was like juggling two basketballs.  "Hello James!"  He gave him the same greeting.  "I see you are both feeling well now.  What have you been doing with your time?"

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