Dec 31, 2012 New Year'e Eve+Once+Masa+Alex Forrest+Sick Babies=Sex? Part 1

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My morning got off to a titillating start.  Since Max got here, we’ve been engaged in foreplay with absolutely no release (all puns intended).  I walked into my bedroom as Max walked out with a skimpy towel wrapped around his well-toned body.

“Nice outfit.”

“Yeah?  You wanna see what I have on under?”

“Maybe…” I teased, giggling.

As he sauntered over to me, I wondered how we were going to pull this off with four other people in the house when I heard, “Hello everyone!”  Geez Louise!  Will anyone give us a little privacy?

Quickly closing the door, I greeted my parents, Uncle Henry, Aunt Barbara and the twins!  We all flocked to the darling babies.  “Hello cuties.  What brings you here?” I asked, while grabbing Ellie.  James got a similar greeting from Laney.

Ellie gunned straight for the diamond pendant on my neck – like father, like daughter.  She tugged on it and wouldn’t let go until I gave it to her and put it around her neck.  She put the diamond in her mouth, which freaked us all out.  Though it was on a long chain, I was keeping an eye on this troublemaker and making sure she didn’t swallow the jewel.

“How’d the babies find emancipation from their parents?” Nick asked.

“Jake has a full day of surprises planned for Emily, so he asked that we babysit the twins today.  We picked them up bright and early and went out to breakfast; and then we took them to the park.  It’s time for their nap and we weren’t far from the apartment, so we thought we’d have them nap here.”

“Well hello, beautiful girl and boy!”  Max looked so natural taking James from Laney.  Of course Ellie, the attention-monger, threw away my pendant and practically jumped into Max’s arms.  We had to do a baby swap.  “You’re so beautiful, Elizabeth,” Max cooed.  “You are an exact replica of your mother.”  She threw her head back and gave a dazzling laugh.  “What’s all this in your nose, young lady?  You’re a mess,” he said, while looking into her nose.

“We’ve all tried to clean the snot out of both their noses but they won’t let us get anywhere near them.  They both seem to have a cold.”  Mom tried again to get near Ellie’s nose, but she turned her face into Max’s chest.

“Babe, can you get my toiletry kit?”  Babe…I liked that.

By the time I got out some Q-tips, he had Ellie calmly cradled in his left arm.  He then started explaining to her that he was cleaning out all the gook in her nose, so she could breathe.  It looked like he was performing surgery up her nostril.  Shockingly, this hyperactive girl just laid there listening to his soothing voice.  Actually, we were all a bit mesmerized with Max’s baby-whisperer techniques.  James, who was worse off than Ellie, got the same care, but he opted to go lay in Mom’s arms when Ellie threw herself back into Max’s arms.

“Good work, Doctor.”  I tried to place my arms around Max’s waist as Ellie stayed cradled in his arm, but this brat kicked my face not once, but several times, till I backed away.  I swear she did this on purpose.

“You obviously have your mom’s looks but your auntie’s temperament.”  I was about to get upset and a bit jealous (of a woman who wasn’t even in this room, and a baby who wasn’t even nine months old yet.  I know…I’m pathetic!) except, Max pulled me in for semi-luscious kiss.

Family audience, be damned.  Foreplay, begin.

Irritation gone, I happily called out, “Time to go nigh-nigh, Ellie.  James is already in the room.  You go join him, you flirt.”

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