Jan. 14, 2013 Circa 1814 Part 1

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If I'd known that being an associate lawyer of a big firm was no different than living the life of a first year medical resident, I would've picked a different profession.  I would've gone with my first choice of becoming a writer. Then I could've sat in front of a computer screen all day and eaten bonbons, while coming up with scintillating story lines.  Law school was the wrong choice.

We had been going back and forth with the Mitchell group for the past two days with no resolution in sight. Our client would not concede to any of their demands, and of course, the Mitchell group would not concede to any of our client's demands.  In the past 48-hours, I think I slept no more than 10 hours. I felt like hell, I looked like hell, and there was no end in sight.

"How you holding up?"  Andrea shot daggers with her eyes when she saw Donovan ask me this question while patting my hand to comfort me.

"I thought the New York office was bad. This case is the toughest one I've seen yet."

"Jane, don't be such a whiner.  You're not the only tired one here," said the biatch who went to her hotel room at 10:00pm last night, and slept a full night's sleep.

What was I doing while Ms. Andrea slept the night away, you ask?   As the least senior member here, it fell upon me to rewrite all the documents from the meeting.  And of course, I'd have to rewrite them again tonight, because of all the changes that will occur by the time we are done today.

"Hello all.   How are negotiations going?"

"Gimpy!!!"  I jumped up to hug Sir Roland Hugh Ascot III.  "What are you doing here?   You didn't tell me you were going to be here."

Getting the chance to hug this 84 year-old elderly love of my life was the highlight of this crappy trip.

"I'm here checking up on our employees.  You working hard?   By the circles under your eyes, I can tell you're not slacking off."

"Jane," Andrea admonished in her "kindest" voice, "you're being rude by not introducing us to this gentleman.  Hello.  I'm Andrea Kot, lead partner in the patent law department."

"Hello, Andrea Kot, lead partner in the patent law department, I'm Roland Ascot."

"Roland Ascot, as in Ascot, Ascot & Pemberly?   The Roland Ascot, founding member of our firm?"  Andrea was a bit tongue-tied.  "And how do you know our Jane?"

Sure...now that she knew how well connected I was in this firm, I was her Jane?   Whatever!  Before Gimpy could answer, I introduced him to everyone else.

"Gimpy, this is Simon Han and you remember Donovan, Jake's best friend?  They're both from the mergers and acquisition department."

"It's an honor to meet you, Sir."   Simon was in awe.

"Nice to see you again, Sir."  Donovan shook Gimpy's hand.

"You married, yet, Son?"

"Not yet, Sir."

"Hasn't Jake schooled you on the virtues of married life?   He's a man in bliss, last I saw."

"Oh yes he has, and he definitely is a man in bliss.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any girl who'll take me."

"Why don't you marry our Jane here.  She's as stubborn as she is beautiful."

"She is that, Sir.  I'd take her in a heartbeat if she'd have me."  Donovan winked and squeezed my hand.

OMG!   He couldn't have meant what he just said.  "You're one to talk, Gimpy.  When're you gonna marry Gram and make an honest woman out of her?   I know you two are living in sin out in London."  Gimpy burst out with that deep, rich laughter I so loved hearing.  "She won't come back to us because of you, huh?"

"Young lady, you talk too much."  He laughed again.  "How about it, my Janey...you want me to marry you and Donovan right now?"

I blushed.  "Gimpy, I have a boyfriend.  I'll introduce you to him when you're in LA."  I said shyly, not understanding why I felt so self-conscious.

"Alright.  Enough talk of marriage.  I have a treat for you all.  I know you've been at a dead end with this deal.  I happen to know the old goat who owns the Mitchell Group.  Let me deal with him today.  You all can have a day off."

Everyone clapped.  We were all so in need of a break. 

"Donovan, let me talk to you privately for a second, and Janey, my dear, I will see you later."  Just like that, he dismissed us all but Donovan.

I sat in the break room waiting for Donovan, ignoring Andrea's prying questions.

"Jane, let's go."  Donovan quickly shooed us out of the break room before anyone got a chance to stop us.  "We have a few things to take care of before seeing Sir Ascot again."

"Where are we going, and when are we seeing Gimpy again?"

"Surprise," he smiled and put us on the elevator as Andrea tried to follow.

"What's going on?"

He kept his mouth sealed and continued smiling.

"Donovan!!!"  I whined.  "A hint or two or three?"

"Okay.   A dress, a tux, a horse and carriage.  There are your three hints."

Oh my gosh, did Gimpy command Donovan to marry me?  Didn't I make it clear that I had a boyfriend? What was going on and why would Donovan agree to such a crazy demand?  And wait...why wasn't I consulted in this whole marriage decision?  What the hell am I talking about?  Nobody was getting married today...but why else would we need a dress, a tux, and a horse and carriage?    

Ugh!  How do I always find myself in these crazy situations?

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