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If You Didn't Want Me Why Did You Kidnap Me?! by xLimewireJunkiex
If You Didn't Want Me Why Did You...by xLimewireJunkiex
Schuyler was kidnapped walking home from her job a couple streets away from her house, by a group of guys that seem no older than her. they were hoping for a girl named...
  • guns
  • kidnap
  • crying
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I Didn't Know I'm a Rogue by nelinor
I Didn't Know I'm a Rogueby Nelly
Tyler has been kept in the dark. She knows virtually nothing about werewolves and she rarely ever gets to shift. Then, men break into her house, slaughter her parents, a...
  • scared
  • training
  • wolf
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In His Nature by nelinor
In His Natureby Nelly
[SEQUEL TO I DIDN’T KNOW I’M A ROGUE] Eli has been running with the rogues since he was thirteen and exiled by his pack. With becoming a rogue, Eli has had to learn how...
  • mates
  • new
  • yay
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Shes Mine.... And will always be mine. by fvckufo
Shes Mine.... And will always be m...by Boo
Is he insane, or just in love?
  • deserve
  • surprise
  • going
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S E C R E T S ||| max thunderman by thatAmeezygirl
S E C R E T S ||| max thundermanby thatAmeezygirl
---" I'll tell you my secret, if you tell me yours " ---" okay, but your not gonna believe this " ---" trust me, it's the other way around "...
  • north
  • kira
  • phoebe
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The Second Time - TGWDLM by SparkleyStallion
The Second Time - TGWDLMby SparkleyStallion
Before reaching Hatchetfield, the infected started somewhere else...leaving one survivor. One very unlucky survivor. Follow Kathryn on her journey after the first attemp...
  • prof
  • emma
  • comedy-horror
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Guardian Angel by BrittanyGarland
Guardian Angelby Brittany Garland
Aimee Port is a normal teenage girl. Until a mysterious boy named Jason came into her life. She suspects something is different about Jason. What she doesn't know is tha...
  • love
  • guardian
  • fighting
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Lost by Yknowmeh
Lostby JeffGremBlim
I mean I'm not gonna spoil the plot for you lovelies, so just read and find out. But the premise is based in Hatchetfield and it's summer after graduating high school fo...
  • like
  • ted
  • tgwdlm
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from yo hoe to my hoe. by bluemyg
from yo hoe to my hoe.by .
happy birthday. also look theres a rearranging game in the tag part
  • didnt
  • hey
  • ik
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You Didn't by ElizabethShadow
You Didn'tby Liz, Lizzy
A short-story poem to remember him and his legacy. <3
  • forgiveness
  • short
  • sad
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If you ever come back (a one direction story) by purplepop23
If you ever come back (a one direc...by purplepop23
  • blind
  • chi
  • christmas
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Joxter bathes by LemonSSoda
Joxter bathesby Player 2
Joxter pees and bathes You'll understand the cover at the end hoeofukky
  • moomintroll
  • haha
  • funnt
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Oasis (Larry Stylinson) by TheManagement
Oasis (Larry Stylinson)by Zoe
How much can one kiss change a relationship? And how long can that relationship last?
  • arctic
  • whatever
  • fourteen
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What i do for you,what you do to me. by Luna_loves_you_4ever
What i do for you,what you do to m...by Luna C. Istvan.
Copyrights© Luna_loves_you_4ever ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. THEIR GOING TO BE PARTS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES just a warning :D Story is [PG-16] RATED! (don't look at the side it...
  • hunger
  • conversation
  • didnt
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Kidnapped at 14... Can I Go Home Yet? by writersLife
Kidnapped at 14... Can I Go Home Y...by Blue c:
Ebony had the nice life of having a basically rich dad, until she gets taken by a soscyopath and his friend. All seems fine in the beginning, but what about the middle a...
  • cold
  • birds
  • butler
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faceclaims ➵ that are needed by deluxemara
faceclaims ➵ that are neededby — !
••• in which I give out face claims of poc instead of yalls irrelevant sewer water , bottom of the barrel trash ass same ol whites . tea!
  • she
  • didnt
  • random
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Falling for my bully by rawrs_ava15
Falling for my bullyby rawrs_ava15
This is about a girl named kylee that gets bullied by MAGCON boys. One night she gets drunk and she gets pregnant by one of the boys ( Cameron Dallas ). She doesn't kno...
  • she
  • kennedy
  • shes
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You didn't | ✓ by iikavii
You didn't | ✓by KAVI
I was just someone You were just somebody I thought we would never be friends I thought you would only think of me as a classmate But you didn't. ⭐️ [HIGHEST RANK: #534...
  • youdidnt
  • shortstory
  • story
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jasmine and Logan love story 2(fanfiction) by sunnygirl94
jasmine and Logan love story 2(fan...by Eryka Nash
it's been 3 years since jasmine and Logan graduated highschool Jasmine gave birth to their daughter Lauren. Jasmine finds out she is pregnant again and tells Logan. But...
  • kidnapping
  • jasmine
  • logan
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