Dec. 12, 2012 Another date...and his initials aren't MD

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This text greeted my morning.

Can we meet for a quick lunch?   You need to give me a chance to explain.

I need to give you a chance?

Okay, sorry.  Not the right thing to say.  A lunch for a chance to grovel?

That made me laugh.  Since I left without hearing the full explanation, I suppose I needed to give him a chance.  Ha!   It was more like I was dying to know who this Joyce girl was that he had been dating.  From what my brother Jake told me, she was this brilliant doctor from Stanford who had been after Max for a while.  When I asked what she looked like, he shrugged saying that he hadn’t paid attention to another woman’s looks since he met Emily.   Whatever…Dork!

OK but you’ve gotta come my way cuz I only have 30 min.

Perfect.  See you soon.

The morning flew by between meetings and prep work for a case I was assisting.

“Jane, you have a moment?”

“Um, sure.”

Donovan, the head lawyer in mergers and acquisitions, waited for me to get up from my seat and practically held my hand into his office.

“What’s up?”

He handed me an envelope and gestured for me to open it.

“I just got these tickets to a Laker game and I was wondering if you wanted to go with me.”

“Like…as in a date?” I sounded so sophomoric, or better yet, so moronic asking this in a high pitched voice.

“Yes, as in a date.  Dinner at The Palm, floor seats to watch Kobe, Pau and Howard in action?   Unfortunately your favorite player is still injured.”


Double Damn!

Floor seats, Laker game, hot successful lawyer…why couldn’t he have asked me out just a few days ago?   Do I go?   Do I need to explain about Max?   What would I say?  Um…I’m kinda re-seeing this guy who had been dating around while I thought about him constantly?

“Hello.   Earth to Jane?”

“Wait, how’d you know Steve Nash was my favorite player?”

“I heard you mention it the other day and bought these tickets with you in mind.”

A man who listens to what I have to say even when I wasn’t talking to him?  Was he for real?  Was I an idiot for letting this one go?

“Sure.  I’d like that.”

“Great!  We’ll take the company shuttle.   I’ll pick you up at 6:00?”

A goofy smile crossed my lips.  “See you at 6:00.”

That high didn’t last long as the speakerphone buzzed.  “A Max Davis waiting for you in the lobby…”

Triple Damn!

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