Dec. 17, 2012 10 hours, 2 hot dates, Part 1

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“Do you go anywhere without your Harley, now?”

“This is my transportation of choice these days. I like the open air, the freedom…"

… the bugs, the dirt, the helmet head, was how I wanted to finish his sentence.

“Thanks for giving me a chance to explain.” Max pulled me in for an impromptu scorching kiss, tongue and all, before placing the helmet on my head. I had to admit, rather than enjoying the make-out session, I was more worried about Donovan walking out of the revolving door to our building. Did this officially put me in the slutty girl category? Making out with one guy, then going on a dinner date with another guy?

“So…Joyce?” I casually asked, right before I bit into my egg salad sandwich.

“About a month ago, a group of us from the hospital went out for drinks. Joyce and I sat next to each other and spent a few hours talking. Then she invited a smaller group of us to her parents’ beach house in Laguna and we hung out the whole weekend. This same group of friends decided to go out to dinner and a movie last Wednesday, but three out of the five of us got called back into the hospital. So, Joyce and I had a solo dinner and movie date.”

“Did you kiss her? Have you slept with her?” Crap. Obviously, the brain-to-mouth filter was off.

Max smiled that gorgeous smile.

“No and no, Miss Green-eyed Monster. The only girl I’ve kissed in the past year is you – and not nearly enough, if you ask me.”

His confession made me happy and mad at the same time. “Why didn’t you tell me this up in Santa Barbara? I stewed the whole weekend, thanks to you.”

“I was pissed that you were willing to walk away without listening to my explanation. So, I wanted you to stew.”

With that lingering thought, he brought me back to work and immediately frenched me in front everyone walking by. We stayed lip locked for a while. It felt so good, so right, to be with Max again.

“I’m at the hospital tonight but have tomorrow off. Dinner?”

Dinner…. Tonight I was having dinner with a man who wasn’t Max. Confession time.

“Pick you up at your parents’ around 7:30?”

Pause, pause, pause…

“Yeah, okay.”

The freakin coward that I was, I confessed nothing. I then ran into the building letting Max believe all was right in this world.

“Jane! Wait up. Hold the elevator.” Donovan slipped in. “Was that you on that sweet Harley?”

Quadruple Damn. Karma was a vengeful Biatch!

To be continued…

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