Mind Over Fangs Chapter 5

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We all ran out into the foyer and my eyes widened at what was standing in the debris. There was a HUGE, sleek, black, wolf with icy blue eyes standing there, his eyes darting from the 4 vampires and me. 

"How'd this MUTT get in here?!" Ash yelled, her eyes flashing red. A growl rose from Lilly's throat as her eyes changed to a deep purple and McKaylia snarled, her eyes flashing red also.

"Dahlia! get back into the library!" Casey yelled, clenching and unclenching his fists. I shook my head.

"But-" Casey interupted me. 

"Just GO!" he snarled, gathering himself into a crouching position. Then he sprung at the beast. The wolf lifted a huge paw and swiftly hit Casey in midair, knocking  him to the ground. It then turned it's massive head towards me, and  I could only try and scramble back in horror as it jumped towards me. 

Luckily, Lilly and McKaylia slammed into it's side, knocking it out of my reach. Casey was now up again, recovering quickly from the hit and rushed over with amazing speed over to the wolf. Ash screeched as sharp, unhuman claws grew from her fingertips and started slashing at the wolf's face. A long, bloody gash was left right above the wolf's eye from her scratch. The wolf then howled and sprung onto McKaylia, crushing her arms under it's massive paws.

"McKaylia!" I yelled, looking around for anything to hit this thing with. My eyes landed on a gigantic sword mounted right beside the front door. I pushed myself up and ran as quickly as I could to get the sword. Suddenly, the wind was knocked out of me as I crashed to the ground. The wolf was on top of me, saliva dripping onto my neck. It's claws dug into the bare skin of my arms, making bloody scratches onto them. I whimpered from the pain when the huge weight of the gigantic wolf was lifted off me.

"Casey!" I screeched, my eyes widening as I scrambled towards the sword. Casey was grappling with the wolf, rolling around on the floor and landing bloody hits on eachother. Ash, Lilly, and McKaylia were crouched down like cats, waiting for the oppurtune chance to spring. I winced as the wolf slashed Casey's right cheek, making three gigantic bloody lines. I reached the wall and tried desperately to pry the sword off the wall.

"Holy crap." I muttered, putting my foot on the wall to get the extra force. On my last pull, it unmounted and I fell backwards, still holding the heavy sword. 

"Casey!" I yelled, he looked up for a moment as I ran towards him and the wolf and slid the sword across the floor. He picked it up effortlessly and held it over his head, while trying to roll up onto the wolf.  The wolf shot his head out and bit Casey's arm. Casey yelled in pain as he slammed the sword's blade into the wolf's side. I long howl escaped the wolf's mouth as he dropped his head, losing all energy as he bled out onto the marble floor.

Just then, I managed to look into the wolf's eyes. Something flashed in them, like... Sadness? Guilt? Something human, that's for sure. I blinked, and next thing I knew I was running toward's Casey like a madman and grabbed the wrist that held the sword, for he was about to deliver the finished blow to the wolf.

"Casey, no! He'll die!" I said painfully. What was I doing?! Casey turned his head at me, anger sketched onto his face.

"He's. A. Werewolf. He deserves to die." He said through gritted teeth. "Now, let go of me. I'm only waiting so I don't hurt you." That's when it hit me.

"Exactly! He's a werewolf! So he's still at least halfway human! Keep him hostage at least! Don't kill him!" I begged, looking at Casey with big eyes.

"Dahlia! What are you doing?! Let him kill that mutt!" Lilly yelled, as the three girls ran over to us. Ash tried to grab my arm but I scooted away at last second.

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