Mind Over Fangs Chapter 10

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Felicity's POV

I paced around my grand room, my mind racing a mile a minute. 

My room was extremely large, but extremely cold. The king sized bed took up one wall, it's red satin canopy billowing in the wind from the open window. A gigantic mahogany desk sat in the opposite corner, with books strewn all over it, and several parchments were scattered. A gigantic dresser stood on another wall. 

Jeremy really did know how to make a girl feel at home.


What am I going to do? Dahlia is convinced that he's the bad guy, when he's not. He's the sweetest guy I know... 

A knock on the door brought me back to the horrible reality. Jeremy walked in, his reddish- brown hair falling in front of ruby red eyes. He smiled at me, fangs barely potruding.

"Felicity, are you okay? You're... tense." He observed. I pinched my nose, a headache coming on suddenly. Jeremy rushed over to me, concerned.

"Felicity, look at me." I lifted my eyes to the vampire boy, who's eyes were filled with worry.

"I just don't get it, Jer. WHY would they think you're the bad guy? If anything, Casey is more of a threat, he's more hot tempered." I said, shaking my head. Jeremy took my hand and led me to my bed, pulling me gently down to sit next to him.

"Yeah, he is a bit of an... Idiot." I snickered at his comment, which made him crack a smile. "But I know one thing, he'll fight for what's right, even if his ways are a bit... drastic." He finished.

"Why DID you go off to join the Kraulis anyway?" I looked at him, and he looked away sheepishly. 

"I wanted a change in power. They were horrible leaders, basically driving everyone to their deaths." Jeremy said bitterly. I nodded, and he continued.

"I AM a leader of Kraulis, but only part of it. The part that wants to keep the Otherworld at peace. We're the rebels, a secret organization that wants to revolt and take over the OTHER part of Kraulis, who is going to try and overthrow everything. We HAVE to keep peace, and if we win, we're put in charge, and we'll try and make it a better place to live in." He explained. I bit my lip. There was so much misunderstanding.

"So, who IS the leaders of the other group?" I asked. Jeremy shrugged.

"I don't know. All I know is that they're EXTREMELY powerful." He sighed, getting up. "Do you need anything?" He asked. I shook my head. I shouldn't burden him. He smiled at me. "Alright."

He started to walk out of my room, then turned back towards me slightly. "Oh, Li-Li?" I looked at him. "I'm going to finish this, once and for all. Then we'll be together, beautiful." He left the room.

I blushed at his words. Even with his confident words, I can't help but think we're all screwed.

Casey's POV

"I should go check in on Dahlia and the mutt." I muttered. I started walking out when Ash called out "Wait!"

I turned halfway around. "Yeah?"

She looked at me seriously. "Don't let your feelings get the best of you, Casey. Jealousy is never a good trait to have." I snorted.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night, Ash. All she is is an asset. That's it." I said icily, stalking out of the wretched library.

I'm not jealous.

Yes, you are.

Dear God, it's you again.

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