Mind Over Fangs

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Chapter 1

Nothing ever happens in South Carolina. Nothing. Zip. Our town has to be the definition of that small town in all the country songs...But I do listen to country, so I can't say anything.

I chewed on my pencil adgitatedly. Mrs. Whitmire was writing some kind of long equation on the board that I didn't even want to look at. Instead, I looked over to my best friend Felicity, her blood red hair laying just past her shoulders, her ice blue eyes turning towards me. She smirked and mouthed "Look at her shirt." 

I cocked my head to the right but looked anyway. Her too-tight shirt was coming out of her black slacks, and you could see quite a lot of skin...Brown spots here and there. I gagged. "I hate you." I muttered. She snickered and Mrs. Whitmire turned around, her gray eyes narrowed on her.

"Ms. Rose, I suppose you want to tell us what's so funny, and I'm guessing Ms. Carson is in on the joke, hmm?" she sneered. I snorted quietly.

"Bite me." I muttered. 

"What?" she turned on me sharply. 

"Nothing. I said nothing." I said sweetly, blinking my big blue-gray eyes up at her. I bit my lip, praying for her to not open her mouth. Her expression became slightly dazed, and a confused look spread across her face. I could see Felicity smirking at me. I continued to concentrate and Mrs. Whitmire blinked, completely lost.

 "Now turn around...Around, stupid." I murmured. Felicity made a weird noise and put her head down while her shoulders shook with laughter. Mrs. Whitmire turned around, and, blinking out of her daze, started writing the rest of the problem. I sighed in relief and slumped down in my seat. 

"That always happens. Teacher's favorite, you never get in trouble."  I turned around to a boy with shaggy blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Blue eyes that could melt. I licked my lips, feeling the heat rise up to my cheeks.

"Hey, if you would stop harassing her, you'd be able to weasle your way out of trouble, too." I teased. Greyson smirked at me, his eyes dancing mischieviously.  I opened my mouth to retort...

That's when I heard the screeching.

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