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To Love Hate by khalesi_7
To Love Hateby khalesi_7
HIGHEST RANKS #1 IN POSSESSIVE #1 IN APOCALYPSE #1 IN SURVIVAL Five years. It all began five years ago. The creatures our parents told us of in harmless stories, the o...
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Supernaturals have taken over. by UVA_Pumpkin
Supernaturals have taken over.by UVA_Pumpkin
In a world where the supernatural's have taken over, the human race is slowly dying out. Yet there is hope for is a small town buried under mounds of dirt and rock a sma...
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Carson Lueders' Love Story  by just_another_lovefan
Carson Lueders' Love Story by Fuck Conservatives
This story depicts his relationship and sexual affairs with many of his friends. Will it be a perfect love story everybody wants to hear, or will it be Fifty Shades Gree...
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Julia's Pack. by Corinder
Julia's Pack.by Corinder
The entire American landmass, from Canada to South America, is being taken over by one Pack. The Alpha Kale either wipes out each Pack or takes it over. This kind of war...
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☽ S i l v e r b a n e ☾ {DISCONTINUED} by elucentchaos
☽ S i l v e r b a n e ☾ {DISCONTIN...by a r a b e l l a
He's possessive. He's dominating. He's the Alpha of the fiercest, bloodiest pack in the world. He's my mate. - - - "You belong to me. Say it," he growled, wal...
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Every Last Word by getgroovy
Every Last Wordby rebecca
In which Ellis Hollington returns to Kensington Academy with towering Prada heels and cruel intentions longer synopsis inside!
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Marriage by blood (not edited) by Booklovercharlotte
Marriage by blood (not edited)by Booklovercharlotte
Aurora is just your normal girl until her sisters wedding gets crashed and she gets kidnapped by their leader. What will happen to her now and will she ever say yes to a...
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A New Generation by Wuttquad
A New Generationby Stop. Stop. You're Annoying.
I'm sure we're all familiar with the scene when Kovu proposes to run away with Kiara. What if she never declined? If she decided to run away with him. Her parents would...
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۵×Anti's Taking Over×۵ (Antisepticeye × Reader) by jaygay6914
۵×Anti's Taking Over×۵ (Antiseptic...by Jay
I've lost interest in writing this book FOR NOW, but I'll probably continue in the future. I'm starting a new book SERIES, so that'll be like 4 different books that merg...
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Bright Smile (Mirajane X Child!Reader) by RoyaleAbsol
Bright Smile (Mirajane X Child!Rea...by RoyaleAbsol
'The village burned to its knees. Fire had erupted. Everyone had evacuated....but one person...that was when SHE came along.' Follow the story of the child and the waitr...
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Strive For Perfection [Book 4] by RaysofKays
Strive For Perfection [Book 4]by K
SPOILERS✔️ Adrian Revels, his mentor, his best friend, and most importantly his father left him with one essential task: Take Care Of The Girls. His mother Yanni Revel...
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The Darlings by getgroovy
The Darlingsby rebecca
In which Vivian Knoxville, the queen of her small, upper class Virginia town, decided to play a game that gets deadlier by the second cover by n-infamous
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A Clone Took Over My Life. by JurneeAndCody
A Clone Took Over My Life.by Cordia
Cody thought his life couldn't get any crazier but, due to The Nexus having a power surge Cody and Joe have clones running around. Cody has four clones and Joe has four...
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I Lied [On Hiatus] by _Guilty_Pleasures_
I Lied [On Hiatus]by _Guilty_Pleasures_
Based Off Fox's #1 Hit Series 'Empire'. Ciara Lyon, Lucious's daughter, doesn't know how privileged she is as she grew up in a white-Italian family after her adoption. N...
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Monster Girl by anime_22
Monster Girlby anime_22
A strange girl named Kate owns a "pet shop" Of crazy voodoo rabbits! When she first starts school in 6th grade ,she tries SO hard to fit in.A girl named Mavis...
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Twin takeover  by bookreader00021
Twin takeover by bookreader00021
"You lied!" He yelled "I loved you and your not even YOU!" His voice cracked, just like my heart. - Jess is a straight a student, she's on the swim t...
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SQUIPs Rise by TheSquipSquad101
SQUIPs Riseby SQUIPs United
This is a story about three SQUIPs: Jeremy's Squip Christine's Squip and Rich's Squip. Jeremy's Squip makes a chatroom to make it easier to talk to other squips. The con...
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I Fall Apart (Adopted From @SoulnessTakingOver) by ItsBanning
I Fall Apart (Adopted From @Soulne...by ItsBanning
Still got a lot to work with on this one, I'm adopting the story from @soulnesstakingover due to him wanting to take a smaller role on this site. As a result, I'm taking...
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Sisters of Destiny: Three Kingdoms by xxdisneyfan99xx
Sisters of Destiny: Three Kingdomsby Jack Tran
Just when the demon hunters thought that they had seen the last of Nanako, Chiru and Minehiro, the highest ups from heaven and hell pay an unexpected visit! Something ve...
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It's a revolution I suppose (Black Hat x Reader) by Summerdaskeleton
It's a revolution I suppose (Black...by Summerdaskeleton
Black hat is a villain that had recently taken over the world, but what will happen to the new ruler's plans when a unknown girl starts a revolution and tries to overthr...
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