38. Apologies

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I have only just collapsed onto my bed after taking a very long bath, having to top the water back up with hot as it turned too cool for me thanks to me playing a little too long. I hadn’t cum again, honestly I don’t think there being anything left in my balls the amount he had earned from me in his car. I did however enjoy feeling it inside of me and like he said I did figure out ways I liked to use it. At least in future I already knew all the best spots.

I hid the thing under my bed wrapped in a wash cloth from the bathroom in hopes it would stay hidden luckily for me my Dad isn’t too invasive and never has gone through my stuff over wise he would have known about me and Jordan a long time ago.

Dinner would be soon usually an hour after I’m out the bath but like I said I was longer today.

I’m relaxing trying to remember every detail of what went down in his car just so I would never forget it. It all interrupted though by my phone ringing. I answer it without looking who it was my tone slightly bothered, muttering a yes?

“Hey to you too. Are you mad at me still?” His voice is instantly recognisable taking me by surprise that he would already be calling me.

“Sorry. Hi. No not mad.” I answer incapable of not smiling again already.

“Good. Either way I wanted to apologise and-"

I stop him before he could go on.

“No I should. The way I behaved and how I acted was really immature you’re right I can be. I guess I’m still figuring out my emotions and can act out. I really should never have brought up your ex because it had nothing to do with us. So I’m sorry.” I get there first meaning every word.

“I don't mind you loosing it as long as you own it after. You’re getting better at that at least. No where near kicking my car anymore.” He reminds me jokingly. “Still I thought you were going to stamp your foot at one point.” He chuckles teasing me.

“Whatever.” I roll my eyes at him through the phone knowing even though he couldn’t see he'd probably guess by my attitude.

“Listen you I am sorry too. I’ve never meant to come across as that possessive and forceful over you. I struggle to know when you’re trying to wind me up and play with me or being serious. Today by the time I realised you were genuinely mad at me it was too late.”

“I get that. We need a code.”

“Or I have to read you better. I’m trying.” He huffs. “I’m not ever wanting to pretend to own you. I hate that you would think that and certainly not act like I’m your Dad.” He sighs it clear how hurt I’d made him yet again...

“I was just irritated over him and then felt guilt all over again for kissing him on my birthday and how it went between us. It wasn’t your fault. I give mixed signals...” I sigh too just as deflated.

“Well for the record I trust you. Even with what happened on your birthday. That was before we got like we are now. I believe that you wouldn’t go to anybody else even if like I said we aren’t in an actual relationship.”

I like hearing it because honestly I knew that it must have been hard for him after what he went though. He gave his every thing to a guy that shattered him. I saw how it would be impossible to ever fully believe anything anybody ever tells you again. So it he did me I was thankful to that and would do everything in my power to not fail him. I was capable of giving him my all that I would never go with anybody else even now.

“Tell that kid to do one but don’t be so polite this time.” He says before I could let him know what was going on in my head. “You told him no the first time and now his being pushy I wouldn’t stand for it even if there was nothing between us.” He scoffs. “I can’t stand it when people try forcing stuff. If they aren’t into it. Like try go find someone who is, don’t be a tool you know?” He asks obviously wound up at the idea of the kid perusing me too much.
“I could always scare him off if all else fails.” He laughs breaking the seriousness away which is what I felt we needed.

We proved we were capable of serious talk and getting to know each other's limits and expectations neither of us too big headed or stubborn to say sorry and admit our downfalls.

“Hmmm I wouldn’t think that the best idea. How would you go about doing that without people seeing right through us?” I smile rolling to my stomach kicking my legs in the air as if I was some love stuck idiot.

“Who cares. Let everybody know. Soon enough anyway...” He trails hinting to what he wanted.

“One step at a time.” I blush.

“Oh!” He suddenly remembers something worth changing the converstation for. “You know I got the bill back on my last months phone contract and apparently I don’t have unlimited minutes so now being charged like forty pound extra.” He informs me causing my mouth to drop open.

“What? Well have you upgraded now for next week? I only have sixty minutes too and I have used maybe half them already.” I pray his sorted it not sure I could physically go almost a week with no contact at all with him other than  text of course.


“Nosey much...” I laugh at us only just having that conversation.  “Random stuff like calling my Dad about dinner or speaking with friends or like when I rang to ask you about that movie real quick.” I explain to him not because I felt I had to but because it was a genuine question he had asked not trying to pry.

“Ahhh. Well I tried upgrading but have to wait until it rolls into next month.” He tells me making me whine and hide my face into my bed. “We will speak by internet for now. Hotels have wifi so will just phone through that no worries. I have extra data too enough to last us an hour or so if all else fails.” He laughs at my behaviour.

“An hour isnt long enough.” I huff.

“There will be internet relax.” He comforts me.

“You better be right. Anyway my Dad is calling me for dinner.” I sit up hearing him calling up the stairs knowing after saying my name twice he would be up here to check on me, on more than one occasion I’d fell to sleep.

“Okay. Text me later?” He asks taking me again by surprise.

“Someone is clingy tonight?” I tease. He chuckles. “I will. Talk in a bit.”

“Have fun eating.”

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