37. New prized possession

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I’m terrified in the office all morning awaiting his arrival. I was without question going to take him a coffee as soon as he arrives but it felt like the longest two hours from when I got here at seven until he would begin work at nine.

We had spoke during the weekend,  a little texting here and there and I even risked it by sneaking him a picture of my ass showing off the small bruise there from him spanking me  it not as bad as before though which I told him. He apologised and swore to be more gentle with me seeming to not like it now he heard me tell him it hurt as well as he'd marked my otherwise flawless backside.

I didn’t want him to go easy on me so begged him to be rougher preferring seeing his hand prints on my skin days after also telling him to leave marks  on my chest again like he had, them just now faded.

I knew we were fine personally, our relationship on the up actually but for work I had no idea where we stood anymore.

I knocked on then pushed the door aside less than ten minutes after he had arrived or was due to letting him know from the instant that it was me.

“Morning. Your coffee.” I hold it out then step inside closing the door behind me again as I wondered to him seeing he was already behind his laptop at his desk.

“Good morning to you too. You don’t ever fail to disappoint do you?” He looks up to me with a wink as I sit the paper cup on his desk ready to leave now because I had no idea what to say to him even as he flirts I feel out of place.

“Um-" He speaks making me spin back to look at him. “And where do you think you’re going in a hurry?” He opens his arms wide to me. I head back over smiling more genuinely now as I fall into his open embrace missing the smell and feel of him already just from two days without him.

He laughs making me pull away to look questionably at him. His so cute... I would have usually said hot but right now as his giving me a nice smile rather than being so bossy he looks adorable.

“I missed you.” He whispers his eyes locked with mine as he pulls me by my hip closer into his lap.

“You missed me? I was away one weekend.” I point out to him after thinking the exact same thing myself. He mumbles a so as he tucks into my neck placing a peck there. I know he meant it in an innocent way and not to hint that he had missed my body but I automatically heated at his lips on my thin neck skin knowing exactly where to kiss to make me feel the most.

“I knew this would happen. You’ve gone and tripped me over haven’t you?” He repeats his kiss it clouding my mind making me lag to reply.

“Tripped you?” I eventually get out. He makes a low noise to let me know that was all he was saying and I’d have to work out what he meant for myself.

Tripped... as in falling. He was falling for me? Possibly not.

“I have work to do today you know.” He makes no attempt to move us.

“Me too.” I agree with him but still not moving.

He makes me squeal as he dives to my neck as he tips me back in his embrace getting over me as he dangles me back and fake munches under my chin on my neck it making me giggle through small fake screams until he finally stops with a laugh.

“Work hun. If we are going to continue this we have to work still. It can’t distract us or effect us.” He begins pushing me from off his lap to my feet. With a groan I climb off him.

“You distract me.” I mutter so he hears grabbing my semi through my trousers to show him as I stand directly in front of him. He raises an eyebrow.

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