2. Split drinks

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It only took a week for my first pay check to appear in my bank and he definitely wasn’t lying when he said there would be a little extra... one thousand pounds extra.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful but if he expected me to buy shirts like the one he gave me which by the way is the most comfortable shirt I’ve ever owned, he would of had to give me slightly more or I’d only be able to buy one more and some underwear. Two at a push! I knew nothing about clothes especially not expensive ones so instead of spending his money on something he would hate I instead decided to ask Rona what I should order and she helped me pick out two more plain shirts, another white one and a baby blue one, some trousers like the ones I already owned and a nice pair of shoes not that he had anything wrong with the ones I wore before but just so he couldn’t pick me up one those too.

Finally I used my own money, because very quickly his was spent, to buy myself some Calvin Klein underwear in both black grey and white. I was glad anyway I had to use my own money to buy them because just knowing he pretty much would of owned my underwear would feel weird.

Head held higher on that Monday morning wearing all my new gear I walked inside his office to deliver his daily schedule to him something that usually didn’t result in any conversation and if it did it was simply him asking how I’m getting along or a quick thank you or even once him asking me to pass on a message for him.

Today though as I set down his papers to his desk his eyes travelled up over my chest his straight morning face turning to a decent sized grin.

“Tom Ford shirt. Good choice.” He nods to what I was wearing. I can’t help but smile back that he noticed. I thank him then turn to leave the room not expecting any more from him stopping when he spoke up again. “Oh- and did you get those boxers like I said too?” He asked.

I turned around grinning thinking he was joking with me but was taken a back seeing he was acting serious. I swallowed to clear my throat before mumbling a yeah.

His eyes go down to my crotch again and this time I squeeze my thighs together a little uncomfortable to his stare.

“What type?” He pushes. Heat rises to my cheeks, I can feel them burning red hot knowing they would be glowing it more obvious though when his serious face begins turning to a smile just the one corner pulling up as he tries to keep it straight.

“They um- I got- Um.” In my embarrassment I go totally blank unable to remember the name of them feeling more stupid the longer I try to remember made worse as he sits straighter in his seat waiting for my answer.

Totally past feeling dumb now I quickly fumble to undo my trousers and pull the waistband of my boxers out to show him.

“These ones.” I tell him holding them out to him. He leans forward in his seat elbows resting on his desk to get a better look his attempts to stay impassive wavering as he looks down to his desk with a chuckle shaking his head to clear it away.

“Okay.” He drags out still smiling.

Realising I really didn’t need to he standing here showing him my underwear any longer I quickly start trying to get myself back dressed again then spinning to leave really wanting out of his office as far away from him as possible even if I knew next time and probably every time I saw him after this I’d feel like an idiot.

“Hang on. Are you free this morning?” Then he laughed. “Forget I said that. I need you to attend a meeting with me. You can take notes right?” I could do anything he wanted me to. Taking notes in a meeting seemed above my intern level but if that’s what he wanted from me who am I to say no. Quickly I’m agreeing that’s fine going for the door then stopping turning back to him remembering I was suppose to be following Rona around this morning helping her with some smaller office jobs like restocking the printer of ink and filling the water dispenser.

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