36. Take five minutes

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**smut warning**

I dive down to him thankful I was allowed to do this again after weeks of no contact. He moans lowly in his throat as I engulf him to the back of my throat humming on him. I wanted to go right into letting him fuck my throat but more desperately I had to taste him. I slip him out then lick all over him making him grunt out and laugh a little.

"You love that cock huh?" He teases me. I moan as my reply.

"You missed it?" I again moan this time with a nod as I suck the tip swirling my tongue on it as my cheeks sink in.

"Keep going." He says as leans over towards my ass again. I hear him spit onto his fingers then they are on me again already making their way inside as I groan on his cock. "I didn't say stop." He grunts thrusting up into my throat again making me gag and pull back. He chuckles and whispers an apology.

I go back to him sucking him wetly as he finds the good spot inside of me brushing it until I'm nothing but moaning on his cock still sucking it.

"You do that so well." He praises seeming to be enjoying this as much as me. "I know you're having fun but want to try something else?"

I drop him and turn to look at him. He smiles as I apprehensively bite my lip. He nods with a smirk making me get back up to my knees to await his instructions. He stands kicking away his shorts us both totally naked now.

"I could play with you all night." He mumbles as he grabs my waist and begins guiding me to how he wanted me. I follow him as he sets me down on my ass dragging me to the sofa edge parting my legs as he got down to the floor between them.

"Comfortable?" He smiles cutely. I nod waiting for him to touch me again.

I was more than enjoying all this build up knowing when well if he lets me cum it will be the most I ever had in my life.

"You okay? Need anything?" He continues his caring act. I shake my head no that I was fine and ready to continue. "Remember we can stop at any point-" I'm shaking my head more at his words before hurrying out a no.

"Let's never stop."

He smirks. "Fine by me." He takes one of my legs and pulls it up to the sofa making me lay deeper down opening me up more to him.

I see what he wants and do the same with the other so I'm spread in front of him giving him access to my ass again as well as hopefully my cock that was begging now for some attention it twitching repeatedly.

He moves his mouth to me and I'm hopeful he is about to give me head instead though he licks my ass just once as if checking if I liked it. I hum shutting my eyes once again this is sign to continue.

He goes back in and totally devours me eating me like I was his favourite thing me incapable of anything the entire time only after I didn't even know of him doing it I reached down to touch my cock that I could feel was seeping ready to blow.

He growls and throws my hands away.

"In time." He says his breath hitting my cock it making me need it more.

"Please. I will cum before you can touch it otherwise." I complain truthfully feeling like I would finish any second if he kept up what he had been doing on me.

He smirks then touches my hole with three fingers this time.

"Do you think?" He hints at what he will do. I whine not sure if I could take all of this any longer. I wanted to but it was killing me.

Still I nod.

He slowly repeats his previous actions of getting inside of me and I feel myself tightly letting him in.

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