1. First day as the intern

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My first day... Hell was I a nervous wreck. I was overthinking everything right down to what colour underwear to put on it taking far to long to decide which made no sense because who would even see my underwear?

I walked into the building trying my hardest to not look like a lost puppy when really I had no clue where to go or who to even ask for help especially without looking like a total fool.

I bit the inside of my mouth as I for the tenth time this morning adjusted my tie before hesitantly walking towards the main reception desk trying to get the females attention without having to interrupt her as she scrolled something onto the paper beside the phone. After a minute of awkwardly standing I cleared my throat her finally looking up through her eyelashes at me making brief eye contact before she scanned down my chest as if trying to figure out what someone like me was doing here.

"Can I help?" She asked sounding a little bit irritated.

Should I of waited longer for her to be ready? Should I of spoken up sooner so she could hurry back to her work? I quickly stumbled to speak to her knowing already I'd made a bad impression on her at least.

"I-Yes- I'm actually here to meet with Mr Dawson? Well I mean I have an appointment with him." I splutter out not making myself seem anymore sure of what I was actually doing her or telling her even how she could help me. Luckily for me she must of put two and two together and realised I had no idea what was happening and she turned to the computer to find where he was for me or at least I hoped that's what she was doing.

"I assume you're his new intern." She says not giving me time to reply before she continues. "It says on the system that your appointment with Mr Dawson was at eight this morning. It's now eight forty. I already logged you as a no show." She told me my belly quickly summersaulting my mouth dry as it dropped open.

"No." I quickly shook my head.

"No my appointment was at nine. I'm early." I tell her firmly knowing for sure I wasn't late I'd made sure to triple check before now.

She huffs at my response before rolling her eyes at me. "I can phone him to see if his free to see you or what he wants to happen now." With that she reaches for her phone and clicks some buttons before leaning back in the chair tucking the phone between her ear and shoulder and she picked at her nails...

I thought this company would of had a slightly more serious reception. This women was acting as though she worked in a fast food shop or something her attitude stinking.
Perhaps though it was just with me because she knew she could treat me like rubbish and I'd not say anything and if I did I wouldn't be taken seriously enough here for it to matter.

"Good morning Mr Dawson-" She stops with a giggle at whatever he had said before continuing. "I have the intern here finally he says that the appointment with you was for nine." Again she pauses. "I know. Well anyway are you free for the appointment now or-" For the third time she must be interrupted it going quiet. My heart was pounding because this appointment meant everything to me. If he thought I hadn't shown up or was late he wouldn't want me working for him I'm sure. My life depended on making good first impressions here and so far I was doing the worst job at it. "Okay send him up." She repeats him looking to me as she says it before giggling with him again then saying goodbye. Maybe that's why she worked here, because something flirty was happening between her and the owner of the business, and I'd offended her this morning... great.

"You can go up to see him now. Take this lift-" She sits forward leaning to point to the closet lift beside her desk. "Take it to the sixth floor then go through the double doors at the end of the corridor and to that reception and tell her your the intern to see Mr Dawson." She gives me directions.

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