Chapter 16- Kyle

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With so much going on, I feel like I haven't really reacted to situations properly I feel like. I mean, a month ago, Shay rejected me, but then recently, she kissed me. Also, I found out she was the one who sent all those texts and basically messed with me, so I was going to head to her house and figure it out.

Since last night was the Kristin's Thanksgiving bash, I thought maybe I would start off with asking what happened. That'd also make it seem like I wasn't attacking her right as I got there.

Once I got there, I ran to the steps since it began to pour. Right as I knocked, Shay opened the door.

"Heeeey baaabbbyyy" she says, and immediately I know she's drunk.

"I can come back" I reply.

"No no no, come in" Shay stumbles as she moves out of the doorway. Her hair is sticking in different spots, part of it looks like there's popcorn and crumbs, and the other looks damp. Her black mascara and purple eyeliner are below her eye, and her pink-purple lipstick is smeared everywhere. She's still in a party dress that is sparkly black at the top with white gems and then white at the bottom and poofs out.

"Are you okay?" I question, and she begins to giggle.

"Why wouldn't I be, babe?" She asks, and begins to laugh so hard that when she tries to sit on the couch she falls on the floor. I help her up and sit by her on the couch.

"How was the party?" I ask.

"Sooooooooo much fun! I made so many new friends! Want to see some pictures?" She replies, pulling her phone out, which seems to have wet pretzels stuck in the case.

The first couple pictures are just selfies are her with different kinds of alcohol drinks. The next couple pictures are people dancing on tables, people taking shots, and just the normal crazy party stuff. Then, it gets bad. Shay is stripped down to a dark blue cami and navy boyshorts. A couple of them are pictures of her kissing people who I don't recognize. The other ones are her in a pool, swimming around, diving in, and stuff like that. It scares me because this is a side of Shay I've never seen.

"Do you like them?" She questions.

"Um... they're.. uh... nice?" I answer.

"Now let's get to what you are really here for" she replies, and then begins kissing me.

"Shay... stop" I pull myself back and try to stop her, but she keeps trying to kiss me.

"Shay!" I snap, and stand up. She falls face forward onto the couch, and then picks herself up.

"I knew it. You do like Alexis. Just because she isn't here, that doesn't mean you don't have feelings for her" she replies, and almost trips as she begins to walk to the door.

"What are you talking about?" I ask.

"You're in love with Alexis Reeds, and you have been since I lied and said it was Alexis texting you" she says.

"That's not true" I reply, walking over to her.

"Yes it is! You can't even admit it! You're a coward! Get out get out get out!!" She begins to scream.

"Shay, calm down, please, let's talk about this" I try to comfort her, but she slaps my hand away.

"Leave me alone! Go away! I never ever ever ever EVER want to see you again" Shay yells, and opens the door.

"Fine, I'll go" I mumble, and walk outside.

"I love you" I mutter as she slams the door in my face.


I drive straight to Dani's house. She has to know why Shay began to act this way.

When I get there, I see Lillian sitting on the porch, and I figure she probably knows where she is.

"Hi Lillian... do you know where Dani would happen to be?" I ask.

"Killers don't live here" she says.

"What?" I question.

"She doesn't live here anymore" Lillian explains.

"Why? Do you know where she is now?" I ask.

"Like I said, she's a killer, so she doesn't live here. And it beats me where she'd go. She's a loner forever" Lillian answers, and then begins to laugh. I walk back to my car, and drive to Jonah's house. It's the only place I could think of where she'd be.


As I drive, I begin to think of why Lillian would say Dani is a killer, and the only possible answer I can think of is that she's just being her normal self. By the time I'm at Jonah's, it's about noon, and I'm starving. Plus, it's begun to pour. If she isn't here, I'm going home, and I'll try to find her later in the afternoon.

I run to the door step and knock. A girl with shoulder length, wavy, bleach blonde hair, grey-blue eyes, and apricot skin opens the door. She's wearing a grey sweater and dark blue with white polka dot jeans and looks about thirteen or fourteen.

"Hello, who are you?" She asks, smacking a piece of gum in her mouth.

"Hi, I'm Kyle, this is Jonah's house, correct? I haven't been here in such a long time" I explain.

"Yes, I'm his sister, Jacy, come in" she steps out of the doorway so I can walk in.

"Please take your shoes off, I'll go get him, he's upstairs" Jacy adds, and then walks up the carpeted stairs on the right. A minute or two later, she comes back downstairs, and he's right behind her.

"Hey man, good to see you" he says. He's shirtless and in loose fitting, grey sweat pants, making me feel overdressed.

"You too, have you seen Dani?" I ask, and as if on cue, she walks down the stairs.

"Kyle? What are you doing here?" She questions as her foot hits the tile floor. Little sections of her hair are wrapped in foil, as if she's dying her hair.

"I'm looking for you. I saw Shay, and I saw your sister" I reply, and then tell what happened.

"With Shay.. I wouldn't worry. She doesn't stay mad at people for very long, and I'll doubt she'll even remember since she's drunk. I've only seen her drunk once, and it's bad, so give her a couple days, I'd suggest waiting till Monday. With my sister, we got into a fight, and I basically accused her of killing Alexis. My witch of a step mother and my dad overheard and threw me out. Now, I'm staying in their guest bedroom, and yes, I'm dying my hair red again" she explains.

"Wow, high- schoolers are so dramatic" Jacy says, and then leaves. I forgot she was standing here.

"I'm so sorry, Dani" I mumble.

"It's fine, I should have seen it coming" she replies.

"Would you like to stay for awhile? We were just about to find something on TV to watch" Jonah asks.

"Sure, as long as I'm not intruding on a date" I reply.

"Um, we're just friends" Dani states, her face getting red.

"Oh, sorry" I mumble.

"C'mon, we just ordered pizza so that should be here soon" Jonah says, and then we all go upstairs.

The rest of the afternoon, we watch cheesy movies, eat tons of junk food, and laugh until our sides hurt. If you saw me, you would think nothing is wrong, but the whole time, I'm thinking about Shay...

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