Chapter 11- Everyone

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Shay's POV

I wake up with tears in my eyes. Sweat drips down my face. The water is freezing now, and I hear a loud knock at the door.

"Shay? Shay? Are you alright?" Dani yells. I realize the police was all a dream, and no one actually knew what happened with my mom and me.

"I'm okay" I reply, and then sink down into the water.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dani's POV

Once I finish checking on Shay, I go downstairs to heat her up some butter pasta. After finishing, I hear a knock on the door, and expect it to be Kyle since I called him.

"Hey" Aiden says.

"What are you doing here? Now is not a good time" I reply, and begin pacing. He grabs my shoulders, making me stop.

"You haven't texted or called me back. What did you expect?" He question. I begin to twirl my dark hair and then I see Kyle walk up.

"Kyle! Please come in!" I rush out past Aiden, and help him carry in the bandages he got.

"What's going on here?" Aiden questions.

"Nothing, now please leave" I state.

"Why'd you invite Kyle and Aiden?" Shay asks. We all look over at her, and see her in my grey bathrobe. Her hair looks thin and wet. Her eyes are red and she looks like she's about to cry at any moment. I can smell Sweet Pea bubble bath floating off her skin.

"Kyle is gonna help and Aiden was just leaving" I answer.

"No, I'm not leaving till you tell me what's going on" he replies.

"Do you want me to call the police?" I snap.

"Baby, I will leave if you promise to talk to me" Aiden says, grabbing my hand.

"I'm not your baby. Now get out" I reply, shaking his hand away. He leaves, and then I slam the door behind him.

"I'm so sorry" I say to Shay, and I lightly hug her.

"What for?" she mumbles.

"I feel like I haven't been there for you enough, and I'm sorry" I explain.

"You're fine, okay? It's just everything is a little too much right now" Shay replies.

"Okay, well why don't you turn on the tv in the living room and I'll finisih making you dinner" I say.

"Alright, Kyle can you bandage me up?" She asks.

"That's what I'm here for" he answers, and then smiles at her. They walk to the living room together, and I walk to the kitchen.

I grab a fork, napkin, and the plate full of butter pasta to bring to Shay. Before I do though, I scoop some coleslaw in a little bowl to bring to her. When I walk in there, Kyle and Shay's lips are touching, and I can see little tears begin to roll down her cheeks. The TV is on in the background, and abruptly, some lady comes on.

"Breaking News! We have an update in the Alexis Reed case!" She says. The lady looks like she's just woken up from a nap, and she has dark circles under her eyes. Her blonde grey hair is frizzy and is sticking out in different directions. Her wrinkled, very dark skin has little zits everywhere, even though she seems to be about seventy years old. The white shirt under her blue blazer has a big mustard stain on it. She must have had ten minutes to get dressed and report to the news center by the way she looks.

Kyle and Shay pull apart. I bring and hand Shay her food, then sit down next to her to watch the news.

"So, it turns out the blood was Alexis Reed's, and they also have someone who claims he saw her the night she was last seen. Craig, are you there?" She adds. We all look at each other with worry. What will they find out? They change the camera over to a stick thin guy with pale skin covered in freckles and a red buzz cut.

"Hello Shelby, and hello everyone, I'm here at Azure Night Club. Apparently, the bartender remembers seeing her, and after a few weeks of drinking too much, he is ready to answer some questions. Tomorrow night, we will share with you what we learn, till then, sleep tight, the detectives have promise to figure this out. Back to you Shelby" Craig says.

We all hug each other.

"Hopefully, he will help us out!" I exclaim.

"He probably knows a lot, given the fact it took him this long to come clean" Kyle states.

"That's true" Shay replies.

"Hey Dani?" Shay says.

"Yeah?" I reply.

"Could I spend the night? I don't really feel comfortable going home" She asks.

"Yeah, of course" I answer, and smile at her. Then we all flip through the channels till we find some cheesy movie to make fun of.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Kyle's POV

Once the movie we are watching finishes, I decide to go home. I tell them all goodbye, and then step out into the cold night. It has began to lightly drizzle and the moon isn't out. 

Eventually, I am lying in bed, and I can't sleep. I'm so nervous to see what they figure out. Is this just a dead end? Or will it lead us to her?

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