Chapter 5- Shay

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I feel horrible, like I am playing Kyle. I like him so much, but I can't promise anything, yet I give him hugs, kisses on the cheek, and we almost act like a couple. It's not like I can tell him to back off, even though I need to, before he gets the idea that we are dating, because after what I found out last night once he left, I need some space.

My mother volunteered- volunteered meaning they pay like ten bucks an hour since no one else will work- to help out at the police station on weekends. All she does is answer the phone, and she earns a lot for it. Anyways, on Sunday there was call. Somebody said they knew what happened to the police officer, and that it wasn't a murder, but a suicide since his wife had died a few days before the whole Alexis case began.  The police went and investigated what he said. They checked it out, and it seemed that he had taken multiple sleeping pills, and dove into the water. His body showed no force that made it look as if he was pushed. 

I know I should be happy that his murder case is closed, but I am not, not at all. This just puts us back, and now, we are one step behind where we were before.

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Right after school, I head home. There is no way I can face Kyle. Him and I have two classes together, it was hard enough to block him out in those.

Immediately when I get home, my phone buzzes.

You have received a notification from KoolKyle on Slap!

KoolKyle- hey

I take a deep breath, what am I going to say? Should I spill my guts? Should I not reply?

ShayBae227- hi

KoolKyle- so, since it's your bday tomorrow, I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out tomorrow, or maybe this weekend to celebrate?

Oh my god

I forgot my own birthday.

Right before I am about to reply my phone buzzes again.

You have received a notification from DaniChick on Slap!

DaniChick- we need to set up our own investigation

ShayBae227- why??

DaniChick- bc the police are stupid idiots who care more about local robberies than Alexis's disappearance

Then my phone buzzes again.

ShayBae227- ugh I'll brb, Kyle's messaging me.

I think this is the first time I've had to go back and forth from conversations

KoolKyle- Shay?

ShayBae227- sorry um I have plans tomorrow with my mom and idk about the weekend yet

KoolKyle- oh ok

ShayBae227- ya

KoolKyle- can I ask u something?

ShayBae227- I'm a lil busy so pls make it quick

KoolKyle- oh it can wait then, just msg me when ur free

ShayBae227- ok

You have received a notification from DaniChick on Slap!

DaniChick- good god are you two done yet?

ShayBae227- sorry he was asking me about birthday plans

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