Prologue- Alexis

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My face hit the uneven, cold, stone wall. I kept fighting, and I would never stop, but nothing was working. I managed to flip back around, kick whoever was attacking me in the stomach, and run a bit. We were in an alley way. It was about twelve or one am, was totally pitch black, and all the streetlights were off for some odd reason.

I kept running, breathing unsteadily, until eventually, I reached a chain wall. At first, I crashed into it, but my face was already burning with so much pain, that it didn't bug me too much. I begin to climb up it, but then someone tugged at my bare ankle.

"L-Le-Let G-Go!" I shout, barely breathing. The person doesn't reply, but I keep fighting it, keep trying to get up there, but I can't, and then they get me.

I try to squirm out of their tight grip, but nothing works. I know that I can't get out, so I just close my eyes, and take a deep breath. The alleyway smells of curdle milk, spoiled pizza, and rotten cheese. My feet ache with pain from all the running on bare feet. I had taken my shoes off before I got chased out of there.

I open my eyes again, and I still can barely see anything. The moon is the only source of light, and it's barely shining. I try to move my body to get a better view of my surroundings, but his or her hands are tightly wrapped around my stomach, making me feel as I have to puke.

"Please just let me go" I whisper.

After saying that, I feel a sharp pain hit me at the left side of my stomach. I can feel warm blood begin to ooze out, and I begin to whimper quietly. I can see enough to tell that my plain, white t shirt is now drenched and stained in blood.

The blood begins to trickle down my stomach and onto my ripped, grey jeans. My vision begins to go blurry, probably from all the blood lost, and all I wonder is

what did I ever do to deserve this?

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