Chapter 3- Dani

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As I see all the police cars surrounding the school, I think about how bad are school probably looks to everyone. The people driving around, they probably think we're some school full of crime- Alexis' disappearance isn't the first big thing to happen here- and maybe that's what we are, and what we have become.

I walk inside, and a police officer walks up to me, it's not the same one as last week.

"Miss Danielle Morrison?" The officer says. He looks a lot younger than Officer Michaels, maybe thirty or so. He had long, shaggy, black hair that was partially pulled back with hair gel. He had dark skin, not black, but not tan like a beach tan either. 

"Yes?" I reply.

"I'm Officer Joe, and I need to talk you about one of our officers" he says.

"Okay..." I mutter.

"Recently, one of our finest police, Officer Michaels, has gone missing" he states.

"Okay, and what does that have to do with me?" I ask, hiding my shock. It was just one week ago I had talked to him. 

"He went missing Friday night, yesterday we found his body. He looked as if he had been drowned" Officer Joe explains, confusing me.

"Why does this matter to me?" I question.

"A witness that will remain anonymous spotted you Wednesday leaving the police office, and we have another witness who talked to you as you came in, and he said that you asked for Officer Michaels. About thirty or so minutes later when you left, the person saw you leave, and he spotted the Officer with a worried look on his face as you walked out the door" he explains.

I knew what he was talking about, and I felt that same worry that Officer Michaels did.

As I stepped out of my car, I could hear ambulance sirens blaring in the distance. It was about 9 or so in the night, and I knew there was something I had to tell Officer Michaels, it had been killing me since Monday. 

I could smell freshly cut grass in the distance. Eventually, I reached the door, and opened it. I stared down at my freshly painted, french manicured nails when I reached the counter.

"I need to speak to Officer Michaels" I mumble.

"Why?"  The lady behind the counter snapped, smacking her gum.

"It's about the Alexis Reeds case so can you like, get him, please?" I ask, annoyed.

"Fine" she groans, and then I can hear her heels clack against the tile floor as she goes to get him.

"Miss Danielle" I hear Officer Michaels say, and I look up. He has on a loose black t shirt and dark blue jeans. He must be on his way home.

"Oh I'm sorry, I can come back tomorrow" I state. 

"No it's fine, come with me" he replies, and I follow him into a room with white walls and white floor. In the room there's one light that hangs from the ceiling. There's two white chairs that have the paint peeling off, and there's a white table that matches them in between the two chairs.

I sit down on the closest one. 

"So... what's going on?" He asks, and then I explain everything.

"Danielle can you tell us more about that night? What did you two talk about?" Officer Joe asks.

"I-I-I can't tell you" I mumble.

"Miss, this sir was murdered, we need you to answer some questions" he states, and tried to grab my hand, but I pull it away.

"I need to get to class" I state, and run away, but Officer Joe stops me.

"If you run, you'll become a suspect"  he whispers. 

"I didn't kill him, and I don't know who would" I reply.

"Yes, but we think that he was killed because of what you told him about Alexis Reeds. We think someone killed him, and we think that she might have been killed too. If you're not careful, the person or people could kill you too. If you just tell us what you told him, we could save you, protect you, and you would be okay" he explains.

"Fine" I snap.

"Follow me" Officer Joe tells me, and I do. He leads me to his police car. I get in the back. As we begin to pull out, I see Shay. She's standing there, staring at the car, staring at me, and I put my thumb, ring finger, and pinky up. Shay knows what that means, we have given each other that sign in times to show that we are okay. She smiles at me, and then waves good bye. I see Kyle walk up to her, and he whispers something, making her upset. 

I know she's still looking at me, but before if I can see if she gives me the sign, we're too far away from the school.

"So, would you like to begun our discussion here?" he asks, and I take a deep breath, preparing for what comes next.

~ O N E  S T E P  B E H I N D ~

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