Chapter 2- Shay

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Once lunch occurs, I leave. I can't take being in school anymore, not without Alexis.

My mom comes and picks me up since I chose to walk to school. She drops me off at home then heads back to work. She was probably frustrated that she had to come and get me. Since I was a baby, it's just been her and I, so she has to work from 6 am to 8 pm every day just to make sure we get all our needs, and a few of our wants. 

I walk straight into my room, shutting the door behind me even though I'm alone- it's a habit I've never broken- and then plop onto my bed. I grab my brand new, white pillow and scream into it for a minute before my phone buzzes.

You have received a notification from DaniChick on Slap!

DaniChick- where are you?

I groan. Dani is always looking out for everyone, which at times, I really need, but right now, I'd like to be alone.

ShayBae227- home

I turn off my phone, hoping she will leave me alone, and I can just cry myself into a deep sleep, but thirty seconds later, I get an alert.

DaniChick- why? Are you sick? Do you want me to bring you some soup?

See what I'm saying about her always looking out for everyone?

ShayBae227- just didn't want to see all those police, nah to the soup though, I'm cool, I was just going to take a nap

DaniChick- Do you want me to skip 6th through 8th period and we can talk?

ShayBae227- No...

DaniChick- Are you sure?

ShayBae227- Yes

DaniChick- okay, I'll call you every hour at the hour

ShayBae227- thanks mom

I reply to her, then shut off my phone, and cry myself to sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Wakey wakey" a voice mumbles into my ear. I open my eyes, and see Dani leaning over top of me. I almost jump out of my own skin.

"What the heck?! How did you get in?" I snap, still shaking.

"The front door was unlocked, geez, it's cold in here" Dani replies, putting a grey sweatshirt from Hollister over her v-neck.

"What time is it?" I groan.

"Three, school just got out not too long ago. I brought you the rest of your homework" Dani says.

"Can you like stop helping me? I just want to be alone" I ask.

"Sorry" she mumbles, and then walks out.

I feel a little bad, but I'm so tired I just fall right back asleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

 I spend the rest of the week at home, sleeping through out the day, and during the night, I just read any books I manage to find lying  around my room. The only time I eat is when my mom brings me breakfast- which is just an egg, two pieces of bacon, and a piece of toast- or after she get home from work, when she brings me a small dinner. She thinks I need to see a doctor, but I tell her I'll go to school Monday, and so she doesn't make me.

Dani doesn't come and visit me, even over the weekend, but I'm not surprised. The only person who comes to talk to me is Kyle, a good friend of mine. Dani must have told him I'm just really upset about Alexis being missing because he brings me some old copies of my favorite magazine, Teen Vogue, the first two seasons of Criminal Minds, and twenty or thirty candy bars.

"You're amazing, thank you so much" I say when he comes over, hugging him.

"Of course, so is there anything you want to talk about?" Kyle asks, taking a candy bar, and unwrapping it.

"I'm just happy some one is here, could you give Dani a message for me? My mom said if I stayed home I couldn't use my phone unless it was to call her" I reply.

"Sure, what's the message?" He questions.

"I just want her to know I'm so so sorry for the way I treated her when she came over a couple days ago. I feel super awful and I didn't mean to be rude. I'm so grateful for her. she's awesome, and I need to show how grateful I am more often" I state.

"Of course, now, we better get started on the first season of Criminal Minds if you're going to finish by Monday" he says, and I giggle.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


I wake up early so I can curl my hair that looks like Jennifer Lopez's. I feel better since Kyle came over yesterday to tell me she forgives me. After I'm dressed in my sleeveless, silk, navy blue dress and my hair is curled, I head out to school.

As soon as I get there, I notice police cars parked around the school, just like it was a week ago, and a scared feeling comes over me. What happened?

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