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Chapter 8- Dani

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As I walk closer to them, I see who it is, I see who he is punching.

It's Jonah.

"STOP! CUT IT OUT!" I yell, and get in between them.

"Let me rip his face off!" Aiden groans.

"Why? What happened?" I ask, looking at both of them.

"Let's just say don't wear tight pants" Aiden answers.

"Why?" I question.

"He was looking at your bu-"

"No I wasn't!" Jonah interupts Aiden before he can finish.

"Dude, if you like my girl, just own up to it, so I can beat the crap out of you now, and get it over with" Aiden states.

"I don't like your girl!" Jonah replies.

"Then who do you like? And don't pull the whole "no one here is good enough for me" thing" Aiden says, and Jonah looks very nervous.

"Alexis" he mumbles.

"Just don't look at her like that again, alright?" Aiden replies.

"I wasn't in the first place so that won't be an issue" Jonah says, and walks off.

Everyone around us clears out, and once they're all gone, I punch his shoulder.

"Ow! What was that for?" Aiden asks.

"I'm tired of your stunts!" I answer.

"Baby, calm down, it's all good" he says, trying to comfort me, but I take a step back.

"No! It's not! You're just trying to make a big deal out of something you could have seen the wrong way! Also, I know you were flirting with Alexis before she disappeared" I state.

"I didn't" he replies, trying to reassure me, but it doesn't work.

"Really? Then why did I find texts between you two saying stuff like 'I wish I could be in your arms right now' or 'you're the first thing I think of when I wake up' or 'if you close your eyes, and see nothing, then that's my life without you'. How can you explain those?!" I snap.

"Baby, she was flirting with me, but I told her to stop and she didn't" Aiden says.

"Let me see your phone then" I reply.

"Why?" he asks.

"So I can see more of the texts. The only ones I saw were the recent from her" I answer.

"No" he groans.

"Then I don't believe you" I say, and tears begin to fill up in my eyes.

"I won't let you because I said some harsh things, things that I didn't mean, and things that could make you believe I killed her" he whispers.

"At this point, I think you probably did kill her. Just so I wouldn't find out about your little love affair. Well guess what? No need to hide anymore, because we're done" I snap, and begin to walk to my car.

He doesn't come after me, and if he did, I probably would have slapped him. I look around at the parking lot as it begins to empty. I keep my head mostly down, because I'm afraid that if I see someone I know, and they see the tears in my eyes, I will fully break down. Once I get to my car, I get in, and drive home as quickly as possible.

When I get to my house, I take my phone out before leaving the car. I felt it buzzing as I drove home so I needed to check what was up.

Heard Jonah and Aiden got into a fight, what's going on? ~Shay

I need to talk to you asap. Make sure Aiden isn't with you though ~Jonah

I didn't want to talk to Jonah, or anyone. I just wanted to be alone, so I shut off my phone, walked inside my house, went straight to my room, and locked the door. All I needed was to be by myself for now.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I get bored after 15 or so minutes of just sitting on my bed, so I do my homework. A couple hours later, I'm finished, so I turn on the news.

"After almost two weeks, we have finally figured something important out about. Shoes and a wallet that belong to Alexis have been found at a club. In an alley way nearby, blood was found on the wall. We have people testing it to see if it could possibly be Alexis'. We will inform all of you with what we find out as soon as we get it. Now here is Dave with this week's weather" a perky, red bob cut hair news reporter says. Behind her, is a picture of Alexis. Her dirty blonde hair is in a high bun, and she has a smile as big as the world. It was rare for Alexis to be that happy, but it made everyone around her smile when she was like that.

I call Shay, not even bothering to reply to her text, and she immediately replies. I tell her all about the news, and then she is on her way over.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For some odd reason, Shay doesn't show up for awhile. I keep texting and calling her, but she never replies. After a restless hour, she shows up, but the girl at my front door is not the Shay I know.

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