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I just realized something....

So err in Chapter three I left a few important notes;

So err in Chapter three I left a few important notes;

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Apparently in the Past Izana's 18.... Mikey's 15
Giving them a 3 year age gap...

So my dumbass can't just leave that as it is simce were's gonna make it realistic as much as possible

So after a lot of research... Here are Tenjiku member's age (according to wiki)

Izana-  18
Kakucho- 14
Ran- 18
Rindo- 16 (wiki does not know this man's age but I'm sticking with 16 so...)
Mucho- 18
Sanzu- 16 (none was states so I'm sticking with 16)
Shion- 19
Mocchi- 18
Kokonoi- 15 (I honestly thought he was 16 just like his bae)
Kisaki- 13 (A: just to specify this guy was born on 20-01-92 so he was already 14 by Tje tenjiku arc)
Hanma- 16

Also the ones who are 13 in TR are Chifuyu, Kisaki, Akkun and Naoto.

But Chifuyu & Akkun are considered 2nd years. (Middle schoolers)
While Kisaki and Naoto should be 1st years (not sure)

And to clarify these here are their birth months&years
Chifuyu-  December 1991
Naoto- April 1992
Kisaki- Jan. 1992
Akkun- Dec.  1991

Though this still makes Kisaki older than Naoto.
And Japanese schools starts in April.

So by then Chifuyu, Kisaki and Akkun can go to school by the age of 5 (preschool)
Leaving Naoto alone since he turns 5 after school starts.

Though if you read my other book (Perfectly You) I added the 3&4 y/o can go to school (with parent's consent) but they'll still repeat a year again coz they are not qualified to be 1st graders.

So this still leaves Naoto being the youngest nof the four.

And (spoilers) Hina also mentioned that the only time she and Kisaki lost contact was when they went to middle school since he moved to a private middle school. (So this proves the fact their in the same grade)

If my calculations are correct Hina and Michi got together by their 1st year of Middleschool.
Thus making Naoto a first year. (Mid. School)
He probably went to a different Mid. School from Hina or something.

To end all this shit since this is a highschool Au. Naoto will be in his 3rd year of Mid. School while the other three are in their 1st year of highschool.

I'll sort this out in the next chapter lol.
Just adding this to notify you guys :> and Explain Naoto & Kisaki's age situation <3

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