Chapter 10 The Wedding and Coming Home

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Today Lucas and I got a phone call at 6:30. It was the hospital saying that we could bring our little girls home. It has been a week since I have given birth to them. Lucas got teary eyed and his face lit up with joy. We have decided that we want to have our wedding in 3 days and have our little girls be te flower girls. Adam offered to pull them in a wagon in their little sundresses that are white with a flower by the little girls waist. They have little headbands with a cute little pink flower on it. Now, for the picking out the bridesmaids and the maid-of-honor... Oh, and Dominic is the ring barrier. The groomsmen and the bestman hmmm..? We were sitting on our bed staring at the ceiling.

"Lukey?" I asked in a sweet way.

"Yes Lana?" he replied back.

"Have you been thinking about the wedding?"

"Of course!" he said.

"Who do you want to be your groomsmen?"

"Well,my brother Nathan,my dad, my friend Noah and for the best about Ben?"


"Oh, he was my best friend ever since kindergarten."

"What happened?"

"Thomas.." he said with a sigh.

"Oh, Thomas Welch?"

"Yep, now can we please get back to the wedding?"

"Ummm.. Now my bridesmaids and Maid-of-honor."

"You can decide they are your pick."

"Well, my bridesmaids I want my sisters,Leah,Spencer,and Emma. For my maid-of-honor I want..."

"How about.. Gina?"

" Hell No!"

"Was just suggesting.." Geese"

"I have decided.. I want Christina."

"You got to be kidding me? My sister?"



"What time is it?"


"Oooo can we please go get my little girls now?"

"Umm are you sure?"


"You know having twins isn't as easy as you think."

"Whatever can we please go?" I said sounding like a little kid.

"Okay but tomorrow I am going to be home alone while you are at school."

"I'm sorry"

"I know you are.. Do you want to go now because it is 7:20 and it will take us 10 minutes to get to the hospital and we would only have half an hour to get the directions if one of them has a problem."

We left and 10 minutes later we got to the door of the hospital and my stomach was turning.

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