Chapter 9 Our House and a surprise

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I really haven't seen the inside of our house I have only seen it in te blueprints. I told Lees,Em,and Spence to hurry up because I want to see my house so bad! We got out of the car they ran but I walked because I was pregnant. I walked in to see that they already ran up the stairs. Right when you walk in you see a big chandelier above the swirly stairs. Then on the left side there is a walkway leading to the kitchen and on the right side there is a walkway leading to the huge living space. In the living space there is a door which leads to the master bedroom. In the master bedroom there is a huge flatscreen tv, a bed, a side table, two baby monitors, and a door leading to the master bath. In the master bath there is a shower with two shower heads, a jacuzzi tub, a sink,and for me a huge walk in closet. Then when you walk out of the master bedroom and walk up the stairs to your left is Daniella's bedroom and inside the walls are pink with green polka dots and there is a little crib for that when she gets older it will turn into a bed. There is also a changing table, a monitor and a little closet that has some outfits in it that our parents got them.

On your right is Victoria's room which is purple with blue polka dots. It has a crib on the opposite side of Daniella's. The changing table is right next to the crib and the monitor is next to the crib. The closet has little outfits and diapers at the bottom. Then when you walk out of the room and keep walking down the hallway there is a 1/2 bathroom and 2 extra rooms. For now we can use them for storage or when I ask Leah,Emma,or Spencer to sleepover that is where they can stay. It has a tv and to that the kinect and wii are connected so they could play that. But you never know we could have mire kids and that's where they can go. I was suddenly snapped out of my thinking to Lucas turning me around and asking" What do you think?"

"It's wonderful."

"I'm glad you think that."

"Uh,Hold that thought."

Suddenly I had to go to the bathroom but when I sat on the toilet I didn't have to go but there was water on the floor. Then it hit me... "I'm in LABOR!" I screamed.

Lucas ran into the bathroom along with Lees,Em,and Spence. They rushed me into the car and drove to the hospital as fast as they could. When we got into the hospital the put me into the wheelchair and wheeled me into the delivery room where Dr.Barraby helped me onto the chair where she told me I was 8cm dilated and that I have to start pushing. In the matter of minutes Baby A was here Daniella Elizabeth Patterson-7 pounds 3 ounces 21 inches born at 12:00 pm.

"She looks just like Lucas." I said with tears welling in my eyes.

"You have to start pushing again Mrs.Black soon to be Mrs.Patterson." she told me. So I started to push and in 3 minutes Baby B was here Victoria Marie Patterson- 7 pounds 2 ounces 20 inches born at 12:30 pm.

"She looks just like you but most of all they look like each other!" he said chuckling.

"Call my parents,Star,Sarah,and Dominic and tell Lees,Em,and Spence they can come in." I said.

"Their so CUTE!" Leah said. "Can I hold one?"


While Leah held Daniella she said"Can her nicknames be Danni and Ella?"

"Sure they can."

Spencer wanted to hold Victoria and she suggested that her nicknames be Vicky and Tori. I said those are cute.

My parents got here then followed Star,Sarah and Dominic. They all suggested that they wanted to be called certain names.

Sarah-Auntie Sarah

Star-Auntie Star

Dominic- Uncle Dom

My mom-Gramma

My dad- Grampa

Then I guess Lucas called his family because they showed up and they saw that my family were getting to choose their names so they wanted to be called names.

Christina-Auntie Chrissy

Nathan-Uncle Nath

Adam-Uncle Ads

Then Sarah and Star said in unison"At least we aren't the only twins now!" they said chuckling.

Then everyone started laughin it turned into a laughing fest.

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