Chapter 5 Names to Figure out

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Lucas and I came home that evening and sat on the couch at his Mom's house while our house was getting built.

"We have to think of names Lucas" I said.

" I know, I know" he said not to thrilled.

" Why don't you seem happy" I asked him.

" Because I am really tired" he said.

I smacked him in the arm and said"You have to help me these are you little girls to you know!"

"Fine if it makes you happy" he said.

I started by saying"Eliza"

"No" "Dakota"

"Seems like a dog name" " Samantha?"

"Nope" "What about Daniella" Lucas suggested.

"Lucas I love that name so much" That should be Baby A"

"Daniella.... Elizabeth..... Patterson...."

"Now Baby B's name"


"Ewww no"

"What about Vanessa?" I asked.

Umm.. I don't think so said Lucas. Victoria?"

"Lucas I think that name is sooo pretty...."

Victoria.... Marie... Patterson.. Hmmm I like it!"

Baby A= Daniella Elizabeth Patterson

Baby B= Victoria Marie Patterson

"We have our names!" Lucas and I said in unison.

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