Chapter 11 The Wedding Dress and the Babies

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When we walked through those hospital doors I almost fainted with exictement.

" Are you sure about this Lana?" Lucas asked me when we were walking to Dr.Barraby.

"Positive Lukey." I said walking a little bit faster.

"Good morning Lucas, Alana... would you like me to show you how to handle twins?" Dr.Barraby asked us.

We both nodded in agreement. "Gladly" we both said in unison. She showed us to the NICCU and we got to see our little girls. She told us a little after we just stared at them that we could hold them if we wanted to.

"Oh,Yeah i would be delighted." I said while reaching for Daniella.

"Now..." Dr.Barraby started. "This is how you change their diapers." she said taking Victoria and showing us how to change their diapers. She just went on and on about all the stuff we needed to know on handling twins. She said we could finally leave but first she had to check our carseats. Lucas walked out to our car while I stayed with Dr.Barraby asking random questions.

"Do you know anyone else who got pregnant at 16?" I asked her.

'Well.. there was this one girl and her name was at first Rose Fisher but then she got married to Cameron Baker and her last name changed to Baker. At first she had her daughter Rebecca at 15 or 16, then she had Addison at 18 or 19 I can't remember and then came along her triplets at  20 or 21.. ahh, those beautiful triplets..' She said.

"Do you mind telling me their names?" I asked fasinated.

"Not at all... Lily, Zane,and Ethan...I delivered every one of them..."She said getting teary eyed. 'I wonder where they are now." She told me.

"I don't Know..." I managed to finish right when Lucas came in with the carseats.

Dr.Barraby examined them. "They seem to be alright, you are now free to take home your twins." she said hugging me. We put Danni and Tori in their carseats and rushed out of the hospital.

"Now we can finally get married!" I squealed while kissing him on the cheek and putting Danni in the car. We drove home and we pulled into our driveway. I got out grabbed Danni and unlocked our front door.

"Girls...WELCOME HOME!" I squealed maybe a little to loud because Danni started to cry which made Tori want to cry. I took Tori out of her carseat and said"Shh...Baby don't cry it's okay." while rubbing her back. Danni and Tori were getting so BIG. Tori fell asleep in my arms so I went upstairs to put her in her crib. When I did that she made cute little noises and kicked off her fuzzy little pink I covered her back up. I guess I didn't notice but Lucas had put Danni to bed also.. My life now has a new chapter. I went down the stairs to go to Davids Bridal with Christina to pick out my dress. I gave Lucas a kiss and said"I'm sorry that we can't spend time together." then went out the door grabbing my car keys. I drove to Christina and her boyfriend Scott's house. She got in the car and i asked her "Do you want to be my Maid-of-Honor Chrissy?"  She started to cry.. even though it was scratchy i think she said yes...

"What have you been up to?" I asked her.

"Oh,Nothing" she said sounding suspicious.

'Come on you can tell me..."

"No...I will not no matter how many times you ask...'

"Fine be that way.

we pulled up to Davids Bridal and quickly got out of the car and ran inside. Right away I spotted the most beautiful dress I have ever seen.

"Chrissy look at this one!" I squealed pointing to the dress I knew I wanted.

"Great,go try it on!' she said pointing to the dressing room. I tried it on and I knew it was the one for me. I payed,left and then ran inside..

In this chapter I did mention Rose and Cameron from One Husband,Two Kids and I'm Only 19....  

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