Starting to Live my Life to the Fullest

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I woke up one morning with the worst stomach pains ever. At first I thought I had food poisioning because the night before I went out with my boyfriend Lucas Patterson to a Chinese food restaurant,Chinese food dosent work well with me. I went downstairs to see my older sister Sarah with my younger brother Dominic sitting in the kitchen waiting for me to get up.

"Where's mom," I asked.

"She went to the store to get some medicine." said Sarah.

"Why"? I asked.

"She heard you in the middle of the night moaning and groaning"Dominic explained.

"Oh" I said surprised.

My name is Alana Black and I live in Las Angles,California with my mom Michelle,my dad Michael, my sister is Sarah but she has a twin named Star, they are both 19 my brother Dominic is 13.Lucas and I have been dating for about 3 years.

"I'm home," my mom yelled from the living room

I ran over to her to ask her what kind of medicine she got me so I looked in the bag to see that it was a pregnancy test.

I look at my mom and asked "who's is this?" then she gave me a stare and said in a whispering voice "it's yours." I stared at her for the longest time until I said "oh."

I asked her why she got it for me and she said that when she had her first morning sickness she felt the same way I did. I couldn't believe this was actually happening! I might be pregnant and become a mother!

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