Chapter 4 Discovering

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I was almost 22 weeks pregnant and Lucas and I were engaged so this was the day that we went to the doctor to see what the sex of the baby was. I was getting so excited that I almost passed out in the car on the way there. Lucas and I were holding hands walkig into the doctors office, I was so nervous that I was squeezing Lucas's hand so tightly that he happened to say "Ow." I said sorry and kissed him. We sat quietly in the waiting area until I heard the name Alana Black. Lucas and I walked into the room where I met my doctor Dr. Barraby who told me to put on a gown and then sit on the chair and wait. I waited until the doctor came in with paperwork that I think we had to sign.

"Good morning Alana,Lucas how are you?" Dr. Barraby asked.

"Great" we both said in unison.

Dr. Barraby I asked in a polite way.

"Yes" she said.

"Can we find out the sex of the baby?" I asked.

"Don't you mean babies?" Dr. Barraby said.


" Yes" Dr. Barraby said.

"There are two babies, would you like to know the sex?"

"Yes!" Lucas and I said in unison.

"Well... This egg here this is Baby A that is a girl and see that right there that is Baby A that I's also a girl. They will be identical because they are from the same egg." Dr.Barraby explained.

"Wow" Lucas and I said together.


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