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Chapter 7 SURPRISE!

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After I greeted them all and ate a delicious meal I told them all to sit down.

"What is going on?"Christina asked.

"Wait... Mom,Sarah and Lucas already know this" I said outloud.

"I can't take the susspence" Christina yelled.

"Well I'll just get on with it... I'm PREGNANT!"

Star ran up to me saying "Oh my gosh I can't believe it!"

"What are you having?"Adam asked.

I pulled him into another room so my mom wouldn't hear because she wasn't glad that I was having one baby but now how will she take it that I am having two!

"Adam.. You can not tell my mom until the time is right okay."

"Okay" he replied."Just tell me."

"Well I am having two babies but here is the catch they are both girls their names are Daniella and Victoria."

"Yippee he said sarcastly.

"Why aren't you happy for me?" I asked.

"Because everyone in this family has girls and Dominic and I are the only 14 year old boys why can't you just have a boy!" he yelled in my face.

"I'm.. I started to say.

"Just forget it" he said angerly."Maybe I will tell aunt Michelle."

I was about to go into the spare bedroom which is where Lucas and I are staying until our house is finished which won't be until a couple of days when I heard someone calling my name.

"Lana(which is my nickname)" my mom was yelling.

"In here" I said with tears streaming down my cheeks.

"Oh there u are I was worried sick about you" she said.

Did my mom really just say that after she got all mad because I got pregnant and after she kicked me out of her house.

"You were?" I asked.

"Well yes I didn't see you so I thought you got kidnapped." she explained.

"I thought you were mad at me because I got pregnant" I asked.

"Well I was but I saw how happy you and Lucas were so I decided not to be mad anymore."

"Thank you so much mom."

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