Chapter 6 Family

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Today Lucas's family and my family are coming over so we can tell them the news about our babies Daniella and Victoria. They have no idea that we are have babies yet besides my sister Sarah. Star is at college so Sarah is all alone because she couldn't find a college to go to yet. Today my younger brother Dominic my older sister Sarah my mom,dad are all coming over. Lucas's older brother Nathan, his older sister Christina, his younger brother Adam his mom, and dad are all coming over. I have had the worst couple of weeks with pains and throwing up constantly. It must be because of the babies. I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes to relax and the next thing I knew I looked at the clock and it was 3:00! Our family's are going to be here in 10 minutes and I am not even ready! I rush up the stairs almost tripping when Lucas stops me and says..

"Slow down we dont want our little girls to get hurt." he says touching my stomach.

Okay but our families are going to be here in 10 minutes!"

I know I called them to ask them where they are and they both said they are going to be late so do not rush."

When I finally get ready I hear the doorbell ring so I go to the door to see a boy I have never seen before.

"who are you?" I ask.

"James." he said.


"Oh James Fitzgerald"

"Oh ok but what are you doing at my house?"

"I am Sarah's boyfriend."

"I didn't know Sarah had a boyfriend."

Well she does."

"Hey everybody I see you have met James." she told me.

"yes I have but why didn't you tell me."

"Because I know you have too much getting ready for the babies." she said in a whispering voice.

"Oh okay." I said.

Then the next thing I knew my mom,dad and Dominic walked through the door and to my surprise so did Star!

"Oh my gosh!" What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to be in the little get together for my baby sister." she said then walked away giving Dominic a


Wow my whole family is here and now we have to wait for Lucas's big family. We hope to have a big family as well. As soon as I was beginning to sit down the door bell rang and so I guess I better get it since no one else looks like they are getting it.

Right when I go to open the door it opens and Lucas's mom gives me a BIG hug. It seems like Lucas's mom and I get along way better than me and my mom especially when she kicked me out of my house!

So right after that his dad walked in then his brother Nathan then his sister Christina then Adam so I greeted them all.

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