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Chapter 2 But..

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I went into the bathroom as my mom enstructed me to and then she said that I had to pee on a stick and I wasnt to happy about that because i dont like peeing on things other than in the toilet. I screamed as i saw the little plus sign come up on the screen of the test.

"It cant be" I screamed.

My mom heard and came running up the stairs to see the test on the floor and me looking pale almost about to fall over.

"What" she asked."Please dont tell me your pregnant i am going to frreaking kill myself if you are" she screamed.

'I dont get it i was on the pill" I screamed with tears running down my face.

"And you still had sex anyway"she yelled.

"Well..." I said.

"Get out" she mumbled.

'But' I said crying.

"You heard me GET OUT GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND NEVER COME BACK!" she yellled at the top of her lungs.

'How old were you when you had Sarah and Star?" I asked.

"17" she explained.

"So then why are you judging me if you got pregnant at 17 and i'm 16" I questioned.

" Because I didnt want my kids to be like I was in high school!" she screamed with tears welling in her eyes.

*I'll write more later but you will have to wait*

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