Chapter 3.

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The entire school day flew by, leaving me in the rain, by myself. I stood in one spot as everyone else around had time that moved. Everything around me slowed, except for my thoughts. I stood, one minute, two minutes, three, four, five, ten, eleven, before a truck in front of me honked. I looked at the driver, and realized it was my dad. I walked to the vehicle opening the door "Hey, how was school" I put on a smile "It was good" And then everything went quiet again. one minute, two minutes, three, four, five, ten, eleven, twelve, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-seven, "Are you going to get out?" My dad asked me. "Uh, yeah sorry" I grabbed my things and got out, going inside of the house. I sat my things down and walked to the living room, sitting. Letting everything around me continue to go, while I'm here, stuck in a cycle. My eyes continued to get heavier. The tiny person was now a teenager, holding onto the under of my eyes, making the dark circles even bigger, and he would continue to grow.

Let me explain him to you, he is a tiny shadow person, except his hands become faded circles, and his one job is to hold onto you're under eyes and leave behind purple circles. He never gets tired of torturing you, it's his only job. . . "You guys ready for dinner?". I've only been here for ten minutes, I look at my phone to see that thirty-five minutes have passed. What's happening?. . . I stand up and go to the kitchen to make my plate. I eat, and everything is normal. I stand up and go to throw my plate away. The time is 5:21pm. I walk back to the living room, 11:42pm? My phone dies so I go to play on the computer, 3:05am? I sit back in the chair and stare at the ceiling as music plays in my earbuds.  I stand up, tired, but my phone is charged now, so I watch my show. 4:27am? Well. I turn off my phone and go to sleep.   

"Good morning" Aiden stood over me smiling. "Hey?" I was barley awake. "Who let you in?" I pushed him off my bed, and a loud thud followed. "OW" he screamed. I chuckled, opening my eyes slightly, being blinded by the sun. He slowly stood back up with a pouty look on his face. I kept smiling, "why are you here? It's Saturday"  he paused, frowning "It's Thursday" I quickly sat up "Your joking" he smiled and then laughed "yes, I'm joking" I sighed laying back down and rolled over. "Asshole.." he giggled.


"WHY DID I AGREE TO COME" I swallowed the corn dog back down that I ate just 5 minutes earlier. "HAHA, BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME" he screamed beside me. The roller coaster flew down "WHAT THE HELL OH MY GOD" I grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight "KILL ME" I yelled again. "YOUR FINE, PROMISE" he looked at me, smiling. Everything went slow mo. Oh god. . . Not those cheesy movies, PLAY. PLAY!!!  Everything started again. "I SWEAR TO GOD IF I GO OUT THIS WAY" I looked at him in return. He giggled at me. "SCREW YOU"

We finally got off the ride, and OH. MY. GOD. never again. I sighed, holding my head while trying to walk wobbly to the picnic table. "Never.."I stared blankly at him. He rolled his eyes with a smile on his face. We just sat silently for a second before he abruptly grabbed my hand "Hey, do you want to leave?" He still had that stupid smile on his face. "Yes?!" I desperately needed to leave. He giggled at me, "Okay, get in the car" I smiled, and our hands were still connected as he dragged me to the car.

-Looks like things are looking up for Milo <3 Maybe Aiden is just what he needs. Or maybe.. nevermind

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