Chapter 4.

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We sat in a comfortable silence as he drove. "Where are you taking me?" I asked staring at him. "It's a surprise" his smile got bigger. I rolled my eyes and turned my head to look out the window. Suddenly he said "It's going to take a while to get there" "Then can I play some music?" I batted my eyes. "Fine" he glanced at me. I connected to the Bluetooth and No Surprises by Radiohead started playing "I knew you were going to play this song" he said rocking back and forth to the song. I giggled. I looked at the time 3:57 pm . Wow, we were at the fair for a while. I've noticed that time goes by faster when im with Aiden. He's everything. Shit. Nope. Scratch that. He's fun. We sat quietly for the rest of the ride with my playlist playing.


"We're here" he said as he pulled into a parking lot. "What is this?" I looked at the sign. "A CAT CAFE?" I smiled looking at him. "Yup" he grabbed my hand again interlocking our fingers. I looked down at our hands then back up at him. He smiled shyly then looked at the ground. I broke the silence saying "Are we going in or not?" I squeezed his hand slightly letting him know I didn't mind holding hands. We started walking towards the doors hand in hand. "Hi, what can we help you to today?" The girl asked. "table for 2 please" Aiden said "Alright, follow me" she started walking to a empty table avoiding stepping on the cats and we followed. "Here you are" she stood in front of a table. We sat down as she handed us 2 of the cafes menus. She walked away to let us figure out what we wanted to order. "See anything that catches your eye?" Aiden asked still looking down at his menu "Uhm. Banana nut muffin?" I looked up at him "Always a banana nut muffin" he smirked "Obviously" I replied. "What about to drink?" He was still searching his menu "a water will be fine" I watched a cat slowly walk up to me. The cat looked up at me then turned around and started walking back the way it came. The girl walked back up and we told her out orders then she brought them to us. We were eating when I felt him slide his foot up my pant leg softly. I looked up and he was smirking while eating and looking down at his plate. I blushed slightly, taking a sip from my water.


We finished eating and he was paying the bill while I was standing outside by the doors waiting for him. When he got down we started walking to the car. When he was about to pull out of the parking spot he turned to me and asked "Can I kiss you?". My face definitely turned into a cherry. "W-what?" I was shocked. "Uh, nevermind" he turned back to the steering wheel. "Wait" I moved some hair that was in my eyes. "You can kiss me" I was staring at him "Really?" He looked up and our eyes met. "Mhm" I nodded my head. He smiled so kindly before gently grabbing my face and kissed me softly. "You don't have to be so soft with it" I said in-between the kiss. I could feel him smiling against my lips. " I wanted our first one to be real and not rushed" he leaned in again. I was the one smiling now. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed into the kiss. It turned into a make out. His hair got ruffed up, my hair was starting to get messy. He leaned his seat back, grabbing me into his lap. I was on top of him kissing, and I could tell he was loving every minute of it. I could feel from below me something hardening. I stopped kissing him and looked down. "Oh, and what is that?" I smirked flirtatiously. He covered his face with his hands "Im so sorry-" I cut him off "don't be" I started to kiss down his neck. Soft moans came from him which made me proud. I started tugging at his shirt so he pulled it off. I kept kissing down until I couldn't anymore. I went back up to his lips and asked "Wanna move to the back?". He nodded his head and we scooted to the back. I started to kiss my way down again until I reached the lining of his boxers, I could hear him gulp. I sat back up which made him sit up confused. I frowned moving back to the front, "What's wrong?" He asked looking at me from the back seat. "Nothing, I just. Need time to figure this all out". He nodded and moved to the front as well. Then he started to drive us back home, we just talked the entire time. Telling stories. Jokes. It was good.

- Well. Aiden seems.. nice. To say the least.

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